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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Whence the lost FBI investigation into Scientology Inc and David Miscavige?

The Tampa Bay Times has published another installment in its continuing quest to expose Scientology Inc as the human-rights-abrogating, organized crime operation it really is.

One of the really disappointing developments in the past few years was getting the announcement that the FBI was going to investigate the criminal accusationsagainst the Church of Scientology Inc, only to just as quickly find out that the proposed investigation had been canned.

Tony Ortega does his part to shed light on the crimes here and here.

Marty Rathbun picks up the story with more details on why the FBI dropped the investigation here and here.

Other mainstream media has tapped into the story here and here.

That makes two books and a major media flap before the fifteenth of January 2013.

Nancy Many’s Investigation Discovery piece is coming in two days. And Jenna Miscavige’s book is hitting the shelves in about three weeks.

These developments have overwhelmed the deafening lack of news from the 2013 Scientology Inc New Year’s event.

Ever wonder what’s happening at the Int Base these days? This video may give a hint.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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