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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Buzzfeed asks: Is Scientology Inc Self-Destructing?

The news site BuzzFeed today published a lengthy story by Alex Klein about the giant organized crime operation run by the Church of Scientology Inc under the title Ideal Orgs. The BuzzFeed piece was followed up with a piece by Tony Ortega.

It’s pretty good reading, but there’s one part I can’t quite wrap my wits around.

It’s the claim that the Ideal Org buildings are not “owned” by the religious corporation that actually runs the organization.

In Arizona, the Phoenix Ideal Org is run by a corporation called Church of Scientology of Arizona.

By checking the county recorder’s office, we find that the Phoenix Idle Org building had a Quit Claim Deed filed on June 19, 1012. The QCD was filed by Building Management Services, the Scientology Inc organ that is key in the Ideal Org scam.

In Phoenix, the scam went like this: Building Management Services strong-armed a California real estate investment company into buying the mortgage note on the preselected property to be used for the Phoenix Ideal Org.

The real estate investment firm was used to mask the fact that the property acquisition was being done for the Church of Scientology International.

Part of the pre-selection process was to find an underwater property that had several past due mortgage payments on it. That way, the note could be purchased from the bank for pennies on the dollar.

If it was recognized that the property was being acquired by the Church of Scientology, it’s a good bet that the acquisition would either be blocked or that it couldn’t be acquired for pennies on the dollar.

After the note was secured, the new owners of the note could foreclose on the property with hardly a whimper.

The foreclosed property was then sold at auction to Building Management Services for the original pennies on the dollar price that the note was bought for.

Then BMS evicted all the tenants in a push to empty the building and make way for the Scientology Inc designers and renovators.

When the renovation was all done, like a week before the announced grand opening (6/19/12), BMS issued a QCD for the property, turning responsibility for the property over to the Church of Scientology of Arizona.


A Quit Claim Deed relinquishes all rights regarding or to the stated property.

Why would CSI just “give” the building to Church of Scientology of Arizona?

Here’s my best guesses:

(1) It turns the building and chattels over to the corporation called the Church of Scientology of Arizona without any money changing hands that could be traced to the Church’s slush funds.

(2) It’s “proof” that the parishioners donations went to the local church (even though the donations went straight into IAS slush funds where they would be untraceable).

(3) Any liabilities such as property tax, insurance, utilities, upkeep and maintenance can be laid upon the local church, rather than be siphoned out of the Mother Church.

(4) If any default in those liabilities occur requiring media coverage, the church can claim “it wasn’t us”.

(5) if the local church has to sell off the building when it can’t meet its obligations, then the local church and its principals can be declared and painted with an Ugly Brush in the press (“irresponsible apostates”).

(6) the building’s prior tenants were evicted to make room for the church made noise to the press; if they sue for the money back they had put into improvements (like the spa owner) the Church of Scientology of Arizona will be the defendant in the suit, and not BMS or CSI.

(7) Some secret repayment scheme is in place to ensure that Scientology Inc gets “paid back” for its manipulative interference in the establishment of the Phoenix Ideal Org.

Now, it may have worked differently for other Ideal Orgs. But there evidence it worked this way in Phoenix.

It would be interesting if you could look in your city to see if the same secretive hidden camouflaged approach was taken to “buy” the Ideal Org building.

If you find any similarities to what I’ve reported, let us know what you found, and any web addresses where the info can be found.

If the property taxes are in arrears, and by how much, that’d be nice to know, too.

The BuzzFeed story tells the story of tax woes about the Orange County Ideal Org.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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AnonLover  on January 17th, 2013

A Quit Claim Deed is often used in divorce proceeding where the division of marital assets is quite messy. It conveniently simplifies a complex transaction of exchanging certain assets for other assets with the added bonus of no monies being documented that taxes need paid on.

So imo, it makes sense that BMS did a QCD on the Phoenix Ideal Org AND still shows a sophisticated scam went down….

If the Buzzfeed article’s accusation is true (re: the Seattle Ideal Org I think it was) that the amount of donations raised was significantly higher than the monies spent, then we have double-dipping + interest going on.

CSI/BMS pays pennies on the dollar to purchase the building in foreclosure. Then the parishioners end up paying dollars on the penny when they turn over the monies raised in bulk up front just to get the deed later on to a property that cost significantly less.

If CSI/BMS wasn’t in the middle of the transaction on both the receiving end and the handing-over end, then the state corporation would have control of all the excess monies raised (as well as the interest that money would gain while languishing in the bank for the years it takes to get the building done).

It’s similar to rich folks & celebs who hire a “personal shopper” that does their shopping for them. The personal shopper gets money up front to go shopping with, plus they get paid a comfy fee for doing the shopping, the stores they commonly shop at cut them a commission or discount for all the sales they bring in while their client still pays full retail price and the client will often tip the shopper for a job a well done if they like their selections.

End result, the personal shopper makes money coming and going but doesn’t get stuck with the merchandise in the long run. Just like CSI/BMS does in the Ideal Org shenanigans.

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