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Maiden Voyage 2010 — Another Stat Push

Some Confront Required 🙁

Plain Old Thetan is on a roll. He has been analyzing the videos of the Maiden Voyage Event so you don’t have to. You have been spared being subjected to hours of Miscavige bombast and have the actual results neatly laid out with surgical precision.

If you have fond memories of your time in a mission, you can kiss those memories goodbye. The Mission Network is being attacked from above by the self-appointed Master of the Scientology Universe.

After you read this, you might want to send your nearest Mission Holder your condolences.

Maiden Voyage 2010 — Another Stat Push

The Church of Miscavige has perverted the mechanics and policy of L. Ron Hubbard once again. This time the result will be the ultimate destruction of Scientology Missions and field groups.

The writing on the wall was presented this way.

The OT Summit was held on the Freewinds June 27-July 3 2010. Parishioners of the Church of Scientology were crunch-closed to attend the video replay of the Freewinds events at their local orgs during July 17-August 7.

One night of the fabulous breathtaking dramatic spectacular extravagant astounding can‘t-be-missed cavalcade was titled “Opening the Floodgates to the Bridge: Planetary Expansion Unleashed”.

During DM’s presentation, the Miscavige ‘bots stood and applauded, smiling, at all the appropriate, orchestrated points.

Lots of approval. No substance. And the ‘bots didn’t or wouldn’t see the operation going on right under their noses.

In what has become a corny repetitious and all-too-predictable stratagem, the event presented the new Division 6 routes onto the Bridge. And, in the same vein, the “implementation program” for these new services was received in the past week at Missions.

The actual implementation program makes calls out the glaring omissions from the glitz PR presentation on the ship. The CofM is not supplying flanking PR…or TV ads…or magazine ads…or radio ads…or magazine ads. A clear violation of HCO PL 11 March 1982 PROPORTIONATE MARKETING if ever there was one.

Predictably, the implementation program requires that your local Mission — already short on personnel — is required to send a Course Supervisor to Flag for training to qualify the Mission to deliver the new, streamlined, fantastic Success Through Communication Course, HQS, and the new Life Improvement Courses.

The training line-up for what is likely your Mission’s only Course Supervisor is:

  • Mini-Course Supervisor Course or Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor Course.
  • The new Success Through Communication Course
  • The new Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course.
  • The new Public Division Courses Supervisor Course.

So, in addition to unmocking what’s left of your Mission’s Course Room, you have to find a person willing to go to Flag for six weeks to six months to take the new courses.

Otherwise, you can’t legally deliver the new courses at a Mission or field group.

Of course, you can no longer purchase the old course packs. You also have to trash all your old course packs.

So, if you have a working installation at your Mission, you now are between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Either you don’t send someone for this training and violate some nitpicker’s idea of the ideal scene, or you unmock your course room for six weeks (or more) to send a person who has a real job and a real family to Flag for training.

As if that weren’t enough, the Personal Efficiency Course and the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course have been modified to no longer have audited Self-Analysis on the checksheet. This means that Missions no longer have authorized checksheets on which audited Self-Analysis is delivered.

Instead, the Personal Efficiency Course now has NO auditing on it. The Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course has the TRs and Objectives course embedded in it.

Delivery of the TRs and Objectives requires minimally a Class IV C/S and Class IV auditor. (These are needed to C/S the Objectives and run Objectives Correction Lists.) That means that if you don’t have a Class IV C/S, you don’t have HQS course delivery any more.

And here’s the kicker: I’ve looked through all the new course materials. Except for HQS, there’s nothing that actually requires additional training in this “new Division 6 routes” line-up. So whatever is on the new Public Division Courses Supervisor Course is probably superfluous.

If you’ve been watching the Scientology Mission scene lately, you’ve seen that most Missions don’t have the personnel to deliver these new courses, and they certainly don’t have the personnel to send off for six weeks (or six months) of training somewhere.

So what’s the bottom line? A Mission has to accomplish an impossible staffing and training lineup to deliver these new courses, or they have to shrink even further.

And even if the Mission does accomplish that staffing, then sending the personnel for training exposes their staff in the higher org to high-pressure recruiters and high-pressure IAS registrars and high-pressure materials salesmen.

That’s in addition to the now-obvious…that there’s so few public on lines at orgs higher than Missions that a six-week estimate is overly optimistic. Mission staff sent for training on the “new Book One lineup” weren’t back in 2 weeks, or 4 weeks, or 6 weeks. In every case I’ve checked, the staff were gone for months.

Not to mention that two Mission staff members I know were “transferred” to staff at the Idle Org where they went to train because the Idle Org “needed the staff”.

Adding pointless training actions to Mission staff training requirements is obviously a stat push.*

(*stat push – getting the number up, without getting the valuable exchangeable products represented by the number. A technique of temporarily raising a stat without the attendant requisite expansion to keep the stat uptrending. Example: the “cash for clunkers” program by the U.S. government was a stat push. Refs: HCO PL 20 September 1976 THE STAT PUSH; HCO PL 20 September 1976-1 STAT PUSH CLARIFIED)

It’s obvious now that the “new Book One” implementation program was simply a stat push. It was designed to get Mission staff and Field Group members to Flag and Idle Orgs, then keep them there as surrogate staff members while the Missions and Field Groups foundered.

The stat push trend is being repeated with the Maiden Voyage 2010 Division Six Routes implementation program.

I can hear the thinking now: “All we’ve got to do is to get Mission staff to an upper org while simultaneously unmocking Mission production…and to hell with dissolving Mission staff members’ dynamics into a pile of dry dust”. That way the upper orgs accomplish a stat push at the expense of the actual production and whatever minimal expansion was being done at the lower orgs.

Now that DM has destroyed field auditing, the obvious next target was groups and Missions. And this will do in the groups and Missions for sure.

So, DM has accomplished the next phase of his diabolical scheme.

By destroying field auditing, groups and Missions, DM has engineered it so that anyone who wants Scientology has to go to an Idle Org.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Marta  on August 24th, 2010

Remember not that long ago, maybe 2005 or 6, when San Francisco Ideal Org opened. Part and parcel of their being able to open was that they had to have 5 missions in the surrounding area. Folks from out local area went to help get those missions started ” in time” for the grand opening.

Similarly Sacramento Org, at the same time, was working to help put 5 missions in operation in preparation for their opening – they were still doing fund raising for their org.

Since then, I haven’t heard boo about making sure there were the missions needed to support a St Hill size org. Seattle area missions….same.

Any word from folks in other areas about new missions for the Idle Morgues that have opened?

Gaiagnostic  on August 24th, 2010

Not to mention that staff sent to Flag for training are used to fundraise, do call-in, clean buildings, help in the kitchen and run events. I was an SSO and saw this with my own eyes. Our staff trainees would be put on work/study because our org could not afford to send room and board every week to Flag. Still, the fundraising, call-in and events were in addition to work study.

alex  on August 24th, 2010

It must be scary to be David Miscavige and not yet have complete, automatically compliant, control of every being he can perceive.

Your write up shows the pattern that is becoming more and more obvious, self determinism, personal responsibility, and hatting as the genesis of action, being supplanted by other determined know best backed up by force, and ever shrinking comm lines.

Thank you for your report.

Maria  on August 25th, 2010

I believe that the problem they are solving is that they cannot spend 100% of the funds that are paid to a Mission or a Class 4 org. At least 80% of those funds stay with the Mission or Org that received them and only a percentage is paid to the Sea Org. On the other hand, any funds paid to a Sea Org org are 100% usable by the Sea Org. This is also true of Ideal Org funds, IAS funds and other fundraisers that bypass the Missions and Class 4 orgs.

They’ve been doing this for a long time. Long ago and far away, when I was a Mission public, they used to send tours in from AO, ASHO and Flag to the Mission and reg the public really hard to go to those orgs on a bypass of the Class 4 org in our area. They were very, very good at what they did. So good, that we public had the idea that it was a waste of time to go to the Class 4 org at all and besides, the AO/ASHO/Flag reg was right there accepting donations.

Years later I heard from an SO member that DM was “upstat” because he handled the disaffected Mission Holders who were telling people not to go to the Class 4 orgs and that’s why the Mission Network was purged of those people – they were killing the Class 4 orgs by steering their public away from them, denying them people and funding.

No such statement was ever made my any staff member at the Mission I was at. Quite the opposite. We were encouraged to go to the Class 4 org, but we didn’t want to go after seeing the amazing events put on by AO/ASHO/Flag.

Then the policy letter where LRH instructs the upper orgs to service Missions well and send them back with their group affinity and loyalty unalloyed disappeared from the OEC volumes.

Then the Missions were stripped of the ability to do any kind of metered training, so no one could co-audit any metered auditing at the Mission level. They were stripped down to being a Division 6 that could offer professional auditing up to Grade 4. They were put under SMI, which is really an SO management unit. Then SMI started selling Mission Starter Packages.

My point is that control of the funds is the issue and that the effort is to take away any autonomy on the part of these non Sea Org organizations.

Of course, because the Missions have been stripped down, they are not very upstat and so they are subject to all kinds of “ethics” intervention, which further erodes them.

What’s truly nasty about this is that it was all based on a lie in the first place. It was the upper orgs that bypassed the Class 4 orgs and they are still doing it. Its just more of the same effort to control everything and everyone so the S.O. can freely dip into everyone else’s work and use that work to stay upstat.

It doesn’t work. It never has. But it has taken years to see the damage done. Now they are working on a wrong why and attempting to “fix” the Missions when really they were the problem in the first place.

I know everyone thinks there is evil intent afoot and most assuredly there is in some cases, but what I see is STUPIDITY and a complete failure to get the facts before acting on them. And that can be traced to the failure of the entire justice system, which was supposed to ensure that facts were acted on.

It is such a can of worms and it is so out of control and the more out of control it gets the more the SO tries to exert control until one of these fine days they will have controlled themselves into the ground. With one important difference. Now they have the funds to go on doing this for a very, very long time before collapsing.

Indeed, they have so much real estate now that they might never collapse. I guess they took a lesson from the other Churches in the world with all their real estate holdings.

I don’t think there will be any end to this other than if independent auditors and Scientologists simply start training people and auditing them very well, probably well under the radar.

lunamoth  on August 25th, 2010

…and as we’ve observed from all the promo from Flag, trying to pull the Class IV and V orgs public there to do services that should be delivered by those orgs, we have to conclude that dm is not only trying to kill the field practices, the missions and groups, but he’s got those other orgs in his sites, as well.

I just had a thought. Do you see any correlation between the blows to the lower orgs and missions in the form of Flag stealing their delivery line-up, and the indicators that the economy was going to tank? I mean, do you think dm was causative enough to coordinate his destructive actions with an economy he knew would exacerbate the effects those actions? Or am I giving him too much credit?

Valkov  on September 7th, 2010

I posted this recently on another forum, but I think it is on topic here too:

“As I see it, the Church of Scientology as we originally envisioned it, has long since ceased to exist. Virtually all the originally trained staff have been intentionally purged by David Miscavige and replaced by DM’s equivalent of the Hitler Youth, or the Communist Komsomol as it existed in Soviet times. Young fanatics drunk on their own power, (until DM lays them low, just as Stalin did those who served him.)

I see this as a deliberately planned progression from Orgs that delivered auditing and training, to the Ideal Org system which are basically nothing more than feeder stations for Flag, which will soon be the only Org delivering any kind of auditing or training. And that will not be LRH’s ‘standard tech’, but the squirreled GAT “tech” which nullifies preclears instead of increasing their ability, and creates robotic , no-ARC ‘auditors’.

Already folks are being reged to go and do the new squirreled HAS or HQS courses, Objectives, etc. at Flag, not at their local orgs. The local orgs are used mainly as fundraising centers, to bleed their public dry of any money they can beg, borrow, or steal. Of course the result is a public that cannot afford any auditing or training so the orgs are being transformed into something else entirely:

The Ideal Orgs seem to be shaping up as huge cathedral-like automated Christian Science Reading rooms, but the reading is not free. For a price, one can buy and study The Basics and do little Div 6 courses “based on the works of L Ron Hubbard”. Perhaps token auditors will remain on staff to service those elite who can afford it, but staff will be largely obsolete.

Flag will be promoted once again as the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and will be DM’s private Vatican. The main programs will be, perhaps, “outreach” to the wealthiest members of society, and corporations needing a place to dump excess income as “charitable donations” to reduce their tax liability. DM is not interested in recruiting the “common man” and getting him trained and processed. No. He will continue to be looking for the wealthy”Princes” and”Captains of Industry” who have the kind of money he is interested in.

Miscavige has had 30 years to transform the CoS in his own image, and he has largely accomplished this by purging the trained, well-intentioned people and destroying the organizational structures. He keeps some old-timers around for his own sadistic amusement apparently.

It’s time to say “goodbye” to the Church as we originally dreamed her. She no longer exists, except in our minds and hearts. Oh, sure, the MEST buildings are still there, the name still exists, but that is all. They now house DM’s “Scientology religion”, including “reverse scientology” and “black dianetics” practitioners who know how to cause psychotic breaks and robotism in people, but little else. There is no LRH tech left there. It’s a done deal, folks.

It’s time to look away, look ahead, and move on to making the dream real somewhere else. Godspeed to each and every one of us.”

Here’s one from Rebecca Goodrich, a true Scientologist from the 1970s:


Lo: the stars shine
their motion predetermined
their meaning understood
travel onward the dream is waiting
we know this road; it is homeward
it is we who must decide.

We ride the tides of our choosing
we sail the seas of our thoughts
we walk the hard roads of our losing
we are the treasure without cost.

PlainOldThetan  on September 11th, 2010

My article was accurate when I wrote it, but the situation is turning out to be even worse than documented. The HQS course delivery implementation for Missions *requires* six different courserooms for delivery — in addition to whatever courseroom facilities a Mission currently has:

o A Theory Courseroom with an HQS-trained supervisor who gets the HQS candidates through Basic books.

o A Practical courseroom with an HQS-trained supervisor separate from the Theory Courseroom.

o A TRs 0-4 courseroom with an HQS-trained supervisor separate from the Theory Courseroom and Practical Courseroom

o A TRs 6-9 courseroom with an HQS-trained supervisor separate from the Theory Courseroom and Practical Courseroom and TRs 0-4 courseroom.

o A seated co-audit courseroom with an HQS-trained supervisor separate from the Theory Courseroom and Practical Courseroom and TRs 0-4 courseroom and TRs 6-9 Courseroom.

o An ambulatory co-audit courseroom with an HQS-trained supervisor separate from the Theory Courseroom and Practical Courseroom and TRs 0-4 courseroom and TRs 6-9 Courseroom and seated co-audit courseroom.

That’s *six* additional courserooms just to deliver HQS!

Hear that pounding? It’s the final nail in the Mission network coffin.

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