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Lying Scientology Inc Front Group is Sued. For lying!

This little news piece caught my eye yesterday.

Apparently some WISE front group lied to a client about whether or not they were involved with Scientology.

So the client wants his $33,000 back. They say they won’t refund. And the client is suing.

The sins of the COB are starting to be visited on the parishioners.

Scientology Inc has spent so much time and bandwidth over the past twenty years lying that it can’t tell the truth from a lie anymore.

Superior Court of Cleveland…here we come!

Let’s see how fast David “Neutron Bomb” Miscavige takes to make this disappear.

Or will he just slough it off on the front group…which will put them out of business.

Like the front group’s already not uber-desperate about how their stats are dropping.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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One Comment

Hapexamendios  on January 17th, 2013

That is absolutely reprehensible. I hope they get their butts handed to them in court.

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