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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Jan. 16: Nancy Many’s Eternal Contract debuts on Dangerous Persuasions

The Investigation Discovery channel showed its dramatization of Nancy Many’s story Scientology: My Eternal Contract in Nancy’s own words last night.

It’s set in a Scientology period outside my own experience, so I can’t in good conscience comment on its veracity.

One oddity, however, was a metered 200 question interview that sounded like it was an OCA. As far as I know, that’s not how an OCA is administered to a current Scientology Inc recruit. I’d grind on the oddness of it, but it pretty much parallels how the OCA was administered to Stan in a 2006 episode of South Park.

The other major oddity was how Nancy was introduced to a top-secret project inside Scientology that was to posture L. Ron Hubbard as The Messiah, outranking Buddha and Jesus Christ.

I have no personal experience with the Messiah Project, and would love to hear from those who do.

Anyway, here’s the whole episode, broken up into approximately 9-minute pieces.











Watch it quick before Scientology Inc has it taken down.


— written by Plain Old Thetan

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D'Anne  on January 20th, 2013

I just finished ‘GOING CLEAR”. Wow. I’ve read just about everything… and learned some new things. Lawrence Wright did a GREAT job. A lot of things were review… and yet I was absorbed – could not put it down. Saw things in a new context.

Hooray for January 2013. Is this the most disastrous month yet for Scientology Inc?

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