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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Scientology Inc’s Big Brass Ones

Thursday, January 17, NBC’s Rock Center contained a long segment called The Defectors, about Scientologists leaving the Church because of what they considered abuses.

It was promoted on the Today Show Thursday morning.

The NBC Rock Center segments called “The Defectors” can be found on YouTube here.

Segment 1

Segment 2

There��s a link floating around to the segments on NBC’s own website but they’re impossible to use as they jump back and forth into other non-Scientology segments of the show. They’re also littered with unskippable advertisements. I recommend you use the YouTube links.

At the end of Thursday’s Rock Center presentation of only the tiniest amount of abuses by Scientology Inc, Brian Williams had a little commentary concerning the flap The Atlantic was fielding after putting up the lying Scientology Inc advertorial on their web site, which I’ve quoted here:

“There’s a footnote to all this this week from the well-respected magazine The Atlantic.

They’ve been forced to engage in a little bit of damage control after displaying a controversial ad on their website Monday that was purchased by the Church of Scientology. The ad is the kind you’ve probably seen; it’s called “sponsored content” and it’s formatted to look like an actual article on their website, and the article lavishly praised Scientology’s leader David Miscavige.

 As a New York Times media writer later noted, the it came in the same week Lawrence Wright’s new book was coming out, and our reporting was airing tonight.

TheAtlantic has apologized, calling the ad a mistake for its part. The Church said “we believe freedom of speech was never intended to be selective in who it applies to”.

It takes some real chutzpah (audaciousness, nerve, brass balls) for Scientology Inc to accuse The Atlantic of denying them freedom of speech when Scientology Inc has been denying freedom of speech to its own parishioners for the past  thirty years.

It’s also a little unseemly for Scientology Inc to play the victim card after ensuring so many other people have been made into victims by them for the last thirty years.

As I noted in my post on Scientology Inc’s disingenuous posturing regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Church has been denying its own parishioners as well as its critics the right to say anything in opposition to the coercive and fear-mongering tactics of the Church of Scientology is kind of the pot calling the kettle black.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Marty has given details about his disappointment in the book Going Clear. Check them out here. What I noticed is that Wright’s demeanor on Rock Center was of a particular kind that seems to conflict with what Marty’s reporting. I want to hear what our readers have to say about my impression of Wright’s presentation on TV as compared to what is being said and how he says it in “Going Clear“.

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D'Anne  on January 21st, 2013

I really liked “GOING CLEAR.” Even though I have read most of all the other books written by “declared and defrocked apostates” as well as some of the books about LRH himself… I found new things in Wright’s book. I think that Lawrence Wright did well and I think that both he and Paul Haggis are very courageous.

The fact that LRH himself could send a 5 month pregnant woman into the RPF makes me wonder about his sanity as well as his compassion… not to mention his good sense. The fact that LRH also forced grown men to push a peanut with their noses around a splintery deck until their noses bled and that he routinely had Sea Org members thrown overboard and kept young children separated from their parents… I have to admit that I find his actions are barbaric and cruel and, as we all know, actions speak louder than words. There was something very twisted and cruel about his behavior. Looking at the facts he appears to be a brilliant narcissist who could have been bi-polar.

Even so, I have gotten a lot of good out of the tech. The key is to take the good and leave the rest. LRH was not Enlightened. That doesn’t take away from his brilliance and productivity… it just means that I don’t have to swallow everything he said without question.
He came to a pretty bad end… as did his whole family. (I often asked where his wife and his kids were. Nobody could ever give me an answer. No wonder.)

And… as I keep asking… Where is the Love? There is no Love in Scientology. And without Love… we miss life itself. With all the books that he wrote and the organizations he built… tell me, has anybody found any Love in any of it?

I’m forever grateful that I found Osho and spent time with him before I got to LRH.

vertsurblanc  on January 22nd, 2013

D’Anne: You focus on the errors and this is your right.

Plain Old Thetan: Thanks for continuing to communicate.

If he can change someone’s life forever, for the better, in front of your eyes, as I have seen thousands and thousands of times, this is simply invaluable.

For that person, the value is astounding.

For me, that’s enough for me to give all his discretions.

That his organization left behind is a huge problem, is another issue and is being slowly put right by many, albeit a process that may take a decade or a few.

To those who audit, I salute you each day I am around.

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