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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Major lawsuits mar another week for Miscavige

Have you been keeping track of what’s going on inside the Scientology Inc citadel?

This week, CNN picked up the Lawrence Wright Going Clear banner and started to run with it.

You can see CNN’s first salvo in the debate here.

You can also have some fun reading the hollow threats put out by Scientology Inc’s paid weasel team by looking here.

More importantly, though, is today’s announcement that a high-profile law firm has decided to back up the Scientologists who were fraudulently tapped by the IAS for donation after donation after donation after donation after….

The lead lawyer has taken on big defendants before and says that Scientology Inc doesn’t frighten him. He says that now that Scientology Inc has been served with the legal papers his next action is to depose David Miscavige.

Deposing David Miscavige himself is more important than talking to Scientology Inc’s attorneys, as anyone who watched the Anderson Cooper 360 coverage “A History of Violence” knows.

Miscavige knows he can’t actually be deposed, because the deposition will be dissected by the lawyers and ESMB and…us.

You remember: the same way that Clinton’s video deposition was subjected to a word-by-word criticism by the courts and the press.

The entire mess s is the result of another giant miscalculation by Miscavige. As long as a parishioner is conditioned to think that staying in the Church is better than being declared an SP, that parishioner can be kept in line. But once Scientology Inc has brushed the parishioner off and then declared him an SP for continuing to make noise, there’s nothing to keep the parishioner from using the courts to seek redress for the wrongs that Scientology Inc has done to him.

It worked for Debbie Cook.

And this lawyer is inviting other individuals to come to him if they feel they have a similar legitimate grievance against the Church.

Other potential fallout from the successful prosecution of these suits is that the IRS will not be able to put off re-examining the 501(c)(3) classification of Scientology Inc.

I’m hoping to see that happen. 501(c)(3) is what allows Scientology Inc to not produce yearly or quarterly written accountings of its income and outgo. That in turn keeps the books closed and keeps the SEC from investigating Scientology Inc for fraud and other criminal acts of all sorts.

In the meantime, however, my advice for Ted Babbitt and his firm and his clients is:

Thoroughly vet all people who come to you claiming to be Scientologists. OSA and other organs of Scientology Inc will place spies with you in order to undermine your actions, or gather information for OSA to undermine your actions.

Carry video cameras and bodyguards with you at all times so you can document any harassment that Scientology Inc attempts against you.

Be alert for incongruities that indicate your e-mail, phone, voice mail, credit cards, and travel itineraries are being accessed by unscrupulous private investigators and supplied to the Church.

Have regular, thorough bug sweeps of your home and office done. Scientology Inc has a history of doing illegal things when trying to intimidate or harass people suing it.

Hire a known trusted private firm to dispose of all your shredding and other garbage.

Don’t talk to ANYONE who you don’t absolutely trust about any aspect of these lawsuits. You will be recorded, and those recordings will make their way back to OSA.

Don’t hire any new office personnel or janitors or interns or anyone until the suits are resolved. Odds are any new person trying to get in will be a Scientology Inc plant or paid investigator.

Don’t talk to anyone about the case in a room with windows. The CIA’s technology to use lasers to detect and record the sound vibrations in a room is publicly available now. Scientology Inc itself uses windowless rooms or rooms with double-glazed winows (one layer of glass being frosted) to prevent this technology from being used on them. 

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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