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Why Scientology Staff May Not Have Gotten Gains from Auditing

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The staff members I audited were the most grateful and yet the most difficult PCs to audit.

If we could overcome the obstacles to being sessionable, the sessions were often like living lightning. The auditing room would reverberate with peals of laughter as items were found and discharged. Sometimes it would take only a single right indication and the session would for all intents and purposes be over.

Staff PCs often had so many things on suppress that a single question could create a torrent of originations and realizations. It was like watching a dam breaking. In these situations, the staff members would leave the auditing room with faces all pink and shining.

I realized the value of staff members from my very first day in a mission. I also saw that they delivered far more than they received in turn. These were beings who understood Condition 4 of Exchange.

Once I became a Class IV auditor, I volunteered to audit staff at various orgs. It was some of the most rewarding work I have ever done as a public scientologist.

It was then that I discovered how difficult it is to find a sessionable staff member. The big barriers ranged from insufficient sleep, no breakfast, a major crisis put on hold while the staff member is in session, and huge upsets of long duration that are being tightly suppressed so that there is no sign of case on post.

Auditing may be a third Dynamic activity, but it is a First Dynamic enhancement. Some individuals and organizations squash the First Dynamic out of sight in their efforts to make a better world. There are Eight Dynamics and the person or organization which denies that will fail over time.

I am struck by the number of senior staff members who speak out against the outrages committed by the church and in the process will mention almost casually, “Well, OT VII did nothing for me!” or “I didn’t see any change from OT III”.

These are not downstats, these are top executives who never got the idea that auditing should produce results.

Read almost any of the graphic tales of people who have overcome their fears and have left the church. Somewhere in almost every tale will be a comment that they really didn’t get much from auditing like it was a given fact of life or something.  THIS IS A GLARING OUTPOINT!

Scientology works when applied standardly.

We are seeing OTs who have not experienced case gain but went on with their duties anyway, until they woke up to the fact that something was wrong. Perhaps they were so used to putting the organization first that they couldn’t justify the time to put their life rudiments in before session.

Auditing is not like pulling up to filling station. You cannot think of it as:

“Fill ‘er up! I’ve only got twenty minutes before the Flag Mission arrives.”

One of my priorities in setting up a practice as an independent scientologist is to contact and salvage former staff wherever possible because I think they are the key to the future expansion of scientology as it should be.

They are good beings and deserve to be rehabilitated.

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PS  on December 3rd, 2009

Thanks Old One;

If I might add, PTSness has a lot to do with it.
For example: I tried to do OLD OT VI while in a really suppressive staff scene (AOLA late 70′s). It was impossible. I had to audit at midnight because I knew no one was going to have a problem with me being in session at that time (execs really got mad at me for being in session at all. How’s that for PTSness?)

In session I would get some sort of a win and BANG! I would run into an exec there who would invalidate the crap out of me. I would wonder if I am getting any gains at all. I finally lied to the C/S and got off of the level by falsely attesting to it.

In the next 20 years in the Sea Org, I tried to get auditing, but it seemed like I was trying to make case gain in the middle of an Al Qeda rally. So I gave up.

OldAuditor  on December 3rd, 2009

I audited at AOLA in the 80′s while on Grad V but they wouldn’t give me SO staff PCs.
I got to audit outer org PCs, Guardians Office PCs and AO public instead.

Staff PCs were wonderful to audit. They were so happy to get in session and get their withholds off that my pen was smokin’ trying to keep up with them.

If I can ever be of assistance to you, send me a private email.

That offer applies to all ex-staff, by the way.


Thought provoking  on December 3rd, 2009

It goes to show you how incredible the staff were whose purpose was to help others receive spiritual freedom, despite having very little reality on it themselves.

Lack of auditing was a common practice at both the mission and Org I worked at. As a young Scientologist, I quickly discovered that only the guys who were really messed up got a session. So, I quickly put out my case for all others to see and I got in session. Needless to say, the gains were minimal.

I feel very fortunate that I had an opportunity to be public for awhile and I bought my auditing. The results were nothing less than stellar and rekindled my purpose for staff. And I did join staff. This time the situation was slightly better, some staff got auditing if they were on key posts. I was one of the lucky ones and I knew it. I was alowed to do it as part of my PE time (which very few staff actually took). During this time, the stats soared. I had my highest evers and I had ethics protection. This wasn’t just a good week, it was a change of state (mine). Imagine effortless regging. Public seeking you out because they wanted to start in Scientology or bring in their friend. Having time for call-in to book buyers because you really wanted to see how they were progressing. It was a magical time that really impressed upon me the power of the tone scale and its relationship to life. That’s what I had envisioned and postualed as my contribution.

But, that was not the case for all of the staff, especially the old timers…they either got neglected completely or had to hurdle through huge production obstacles and attempts to be sessionable, just to hear the words: “This is the session.” Even worse were the ones who were ordered to session. How can one make any gains under these circumstances? As we got closer to SH size, less auting and PE occurred and I learned the reality of all the rest of the staff. Staff who operated on sheer toughness and determination, hitting masses all the way. Very serious stuff.

The abuses of staff auditors auditing public where rampant. And the biggest slap on the face is that the staff worked SO hard to make it to SH size, hoping for the universe corps and it never came. They never did get their PE time, either.

If only they had done a little LRH. Set up staff co-audits, ensured that all staff actually took PE time, etc. Ran schedules that allowed staff to have their body ruds in for session or study. There would be would have been so much more free theta and the effort band would have sizzled into non existence. Scientology truly would be fun again because auditing raises tone. It’s as simple as that. I wish that I had more tech training because I am right with you on helping the staff who have done so much for others. They need to know the magic of the tech…truly exhilarating!

Fellow Traveller  on December 3rd, 2009

Please include yourself in that. They and you are all good beings deserving not only rehabilitation but enhancement and growth.

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