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Lawrence Wright meets Stephen Colbert to discuss “Going Clear”

07 February 2013 Lawrence Wright was the featured interview on the Comedy Central The Colbert Report show.

But it was more than an interview. Never missing a chance to mock something trying to hold itself as deadly serious in the most absurdist terms possible, Stephen Colbert spent a whole segment holding Scientology up to ridicule before moving to Lawrence Wright’s interview.

Colbert did something even I am loathe to do, which is to take a seemingly preposterous aspect of Scientology and compare it to similarly faith-straining dogma in Catholicism.

Colbert is a master of what LRH labeled RIDICULE, 1. it’s somebody grabbing hold of one of your anchor points, claiming it and holding it away from you. (5311CM17A) 2. pushing the anchor points in and then pulling them out and holding them out. (5304M08)

Notable for me was the way he took basic Scientology terminology, altered it slightly, and used it to fire salvoes of mockery bombs at Scientology. “Suppressive Personality” was one. “I will not hesitate to put my out-ethics in you” was another, parodying the now notorious Tom Cruise Freedom Medal of Valor video.

(One of this week’s notable incongruities was OSA’s warning to Jenna Miscavige not to profit unseemly from her relationship to David Miscavige. OSA would never issue such a warning to Tom Cruise. Only Tom Cruise could win a Freedom Medal of Valor for doing essentially nothing. If Tom trained to Class VI, opened a Mission, audited 50 people to Clear, and personally financed the placement of LRH encyclopedic biographies into every remaining library in the world, then maybe he will have done something. Even Cruise’s actions to put Purification Rundown delivery in place for New York 9/11 rescue workers was obviously only a headlines-grab. Oooh. Maybe grabbing headlines is what merited Tom Cruise receiving the medal.)

The glaringly obvious thing about the Colbert Report’s pieces was that Colbert was aware of the litigious nature of Scientology Inc. Colbert seemed almost to taunt Scientology Inc’s attorneys.

I’m guessing that Colbert decided to not take a cue from ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Instead of cowering silently behind the “we can’t torque off the Church” mantra, he just put it out there that the Church would be gunning for him.

His safety will be found in the light of truth.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 18 February 2013

 Tony Ortega has posted the following on his site, updating the sales status of the most feared books of 2013. Most feared by Miscavige, anyway. Have you been in a Barnes and Noble this month? The shelf space occupied by Hill’s  and Wright’s book dwarfs the few inches taken up by real Scientology Inc books. Gasp! Is it possible that following a known pattern of book promotion for a new book is more effective than ignoring LRH’s advice and having no media activity for selling LRH’s books?


The latest New York Times Best Sellers list has BOTH Jenna Miscavige Hill’s Beyond Belief (4) and Lawrence Wright’s Going Clear (5) in the top five of combined print + e-book nonfiction sales this week. WOW.

And in Canada, where Wright’s publisher decided not to make the book available, that’s apparently pushed Jenna’s book to number one.

For some reason, Karin Pouw’s denunciations of these books don’t seem to be holding back sales. Who knew? 

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Bruce Pratt  on February 9th, 2013

“His safety will be found in the light of truth.”
Wow. That resonates oh so harmoniously.

Thanks for sharing your views on this. I dare the Co$ to call this a watershed event!

Bruce Pratt  on February 9th, 2013

Oh. By the way, thank you for (re)posting the segment(s). Very funny stuff. Over the top truth, IMHO.

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