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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

“It’s you. . . It’s me. . .” Melbourne edition of IAS promotional song

If you like Christian rock and the “Up With People” albums, you might enjoy the latest Scientology effort to win converts through easy listening music.


Except for the “Elvis” imitator and the dodgy IAS hard sell effort at the end, it makes for an briefly entertaining bit of uptempo music.

It is a shame that all this creativity is being used to promote one of the biggest scams of modern times. If you listen to this message five times, you will find yourself donating your life savings to the David Miscavige’s retirement fund, also known as the IAS.

According to the comments, this is an attempt by the Melbourne IAS to rip off the highly successful actions of Australia’s famous “Hillsong Church”, which is a Pentacostal Christian “Prosperity Gospel” CULT. However unlike Scientology, they are in fact very musically talented… Scientology Australia obviously feels threatened by their monetary success. Hillsong is Australia’s homegrown profit obsessed cult!!

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ex class v staff member?  on February 13th, 2013

I live in Melbourne and was surprised not to see Kate Ceberano in this. That guy who spoke at the end by the way, that really was like watching Hillsong.

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