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Miscavige’s knee-jerk SP declare miscalculation (Part 6)

I spent some time back in September and October 2012 putting together the first 1 2 3 4 5 parts of this series.

This past week, I got a call from a friend of mine, an ASHO-trained Class VI C/S, who relayed a story to me.

He told me he recently got a call from an old non-Scientologist associate, one that he’d met and befriended about a year before getting into Scientology.

That was 27 years ago.

My friend is now declared.

And he told me about part of the conversation he had with his colleague.

The colleague brought up that he’d been seeing “all this fuss” about Scientology in the press over the past year, and wanted to know what my friend had to say about it.

My friend the C/S found himself suddenly in unfamiliar waters. He had carefully cultured techniques for talking to non-Scientologists about Scientology. He’d spent decades coming up with “shore stories” to handle people who had heard bad things about Scientology.

But now he no longer needed to “be careful”. He no longer needed to hold his tongue for fear of being declared without a Comm Ev or any kind of Scientology Inc justice action.

He honestly told the colleague that he was no longer a Scientologist because the Church that he had been part of for over twenty-five years had turned malevolent towards him, even after taking his $250,000 and 10 years of volunteer  (free) auditing and C/Sing service for parishioners and staff.

He said that even though he’d gotten gains from the church, the current mismanagement of the church has led to a separation and he wouldn’t be working to restore relations.

He recommended to his colleague that he not go near the church or let anyone he know go near the church.

So Miscavige’s knee-jerk declare of my friend has resulted in word-of-mouth recommendations to avoid the church at all costs. He’s created his own cadre of anti-Scientology ambassadors.

Because they’ve actually been in Scientology, they’re more authoritative and dedicated and effective than any psychiatrist or newspaper could be.

The 1998 hardbound version of What is Scientology? has these graphs in it:

They’re an exact echo of the graphs in the 1993 version of WIS?

It says that over half of the people who got into Scientology got there through a friend or relative.

Does that in turn mean that over half of the people who aren’t in Scientology not there because of the recommendation of a friend or family member?

And doesn’t that mean that mass-production of declared people who then recommend that their friends and family not get into Scientology mean that the techniques for expanding the Church in 1993 can’t possibly work in 1998 or 2009 or 2013?

It looks like Miscavige’s eagerness to issue declares on people is a major contributing factor to Scientology Inc’s shrinkage.

Instead of figuring out what he’s been doing wrong and correcting it, thereby making peace with marginalized former parishioners, Miscavige is going to keep driving full speed down a dead-end street.

Smart, Davey.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Dan 351  on March 7th, 2013

“Miscavage’s knee-jerk SP declare miscalculation”
This was no miscalculation. This is what SPs normally do.

HCO Policy Letter 7 Aug.1965


“Good staff members are a prime target for SPs. In one org where an SP got a foothold, 60% of the staff was gotten rid of and the org almost crashed.”

LRH was talking about just one org somewhere. Davey is thinking big. He’s working to get rid of all good staff everywhere.

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