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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

I am auditing again and life is good

Now that I am back in the chair delivering standard tech, I no longer worry about the fact that the Church of Scientology is beyond repair. Their valuable final product seems to be students and preclears who need patching up by practitioners in the independent field and we are busy trying to service that demand.

My hope is that more trained auditors will realize that their auditing does not need to end now that they are out of the church. There is a growing number of ex-scientologists who have realized that they can get their entire bridge delivered outside the church walls and they are willing to look and see what is available.

Of course there are some standard CofS services that are missing, like crush regging, invalidative auditing, midnight  calls for money, revocation of your Clear Cert because you asked the wrong questions, and demands to rerun your objectives at Flag rates, but most new PCs in the independent field seem to get along just fine without these “luxuries”.

I spent 12 years training up to Grad V auditor in the hopes I would have a field practice. The training was worth all of the time and effort I put into it and I feel that auditing put me more at cause than going OT. I was getting trained while holding down a full time job as a corporate executive and had always looked forward to auditing as a long term career.

By the time I was ready to consider a field practice, I was recruited as a Mission Holder in Redondo Beach and I stayed on as mission holder and senior auditor for ten years.

When the CofS went south with gross alterations of tech (GAT) and off-policy ethics actions (Random SP Declares for having an opinion), I stopped auditing and went back into corporate life. The resurgence of the independent field in 2009 reawakened my interest in starting a field practice which would be operating independently of the church.

I spent many months researching the downward trajectory of the church and its Founder and documented my findings on possiblyhelpfuladvice.com and workabletechnology.com

I decided what I was going to deliver and what I was going to avoid and located a highly trained C/S who had similar views on delivering standard tech. I started spreading the word that I was available for auditing again and PCs started to call.

After a lot of research, I developed the capability to deliver metered auditing over the Internet and this opens the door for busy professionals who desire auditing but cannot afford to take weeks off from work for that purpose.

As some of you may remember, when you are running well as a PC, it does not take long to go exterior and have wins of such magnitude that your session can be over in as little as 15 minutes. When you are being delivered auditing that addresses what YOU want handled, not what the church wants to handle, these kinds of wins are quite frequent.

I can deliver several sessions a day to a PC in a remote location without disrupting his life or working a hardship on his schedule. The delivery schedule can be as intense or as laid back as the PC desires. Auditing is for the PC, not for the benefit of any organization and we arrange auditing so that it lets him handle his professional and family obligations while auditing progresses.

Another benefit of delivering auditing to the PC where he lives and works is that changes in his interaction with daily life become more visible. He does not get auditing in some remote location with no contact with daily life.  Instead he gets auditing and sees the effects immediately. If the PC’s cause level increases, he will tackle greater challenges and if these challenges prove difficult to resolve, it is a simple matter to address the difficulty immediately with a proper gradient and get the PC winning again.

Since I got back in the auditing chair this year, my C/S and I have been handling some Life Repair cycles and some Grade Chart auditing. We have been able to rack up a Clear Attest and a Grade 1 completion so far this year and are looking forward to service more PCs in the near future.

If anyone is interested in learning more about my services, feel free to call me at 540-320-6852 or you can send me an email at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com

David St Lawrence
Old Auditor


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routeplanner  on September 22nd, 2010

Excellent news that you’re back in the chair! And this is a great blog with some great info, I only wish it had RSS ’cause I keep forgetting to check back for new posts!

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