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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Letter to a concerned Scientologist

I have been receiving more letters than usual from concerned Scientology staff members and public who are finding their stable data are being shaken to the point where they are no longer able to ignore what they have been observing for years.

If you are in this position, you may find some solace in the letter I recently wrote:


Dear Redacted,

I fully understand where you are right now.

 I arrived at that point after ten years as a mission holder in Redondo Beach.

 I had written Knowledge Report after Knowledge Report on off policy actions I had observed or was being ordered to do and these reports were ignored no matter how many senior terminals were copied.

 When I resigned my position as mission holder and closed the mission, the sparks really began to fly, but my wife and I went back into civilian life and were out of the church for 15 years. I was hoping that the senior people I knew and respected would take heed and set things right, but the church became more cult-like every year.

 Finally in 2009, I began to speak up and created websites to share as much of the truth as I could find. I felt like someone lighting a candle in the darkness but I found others who were trying to illuminate the sorry state of the church and were reaching out to help those who had been damaged by the church.

 By 2010, I had set up an independent practice to help those who were leaving or had left the church and I have been delivering services ever since.

 I kept delivering services and writing about the real history of the church and its practices and I found that the corruption was older and deeper than I had ever imagined. I have chosen to focus on salvaging the few valid pieces of technology and delivering everything from Life Repairs to OT repairs and have left others to document the full story of the transformation of the church of Scientology into a cult.

 If you read Inside Scientology, Going Clear and now Lets Sell Them A Piece of Blue Sky, you will find that the early critics were speaking the truth and this was a bitter pill for long time Scientologists like me to swallow. We ignored all of the signs for many years and alienated family and friends with our quest for enlightenment. We ruined ourselves financially with the best of motives and only woke up when we could clearly see that we had compromised our personal integrity over and over again.

The one bright side of this adventure is that there are truly wonderful pieces of technology in this midden of corruption and we in the field are salvaging what we know produces case gain and are delivering services tailored to preclears instead of pushing stats ever higher.

I find that I can repair most of the damage done by the church in just a few hours and I am one of a growing number who can do this. The initial target is to handle the wrong indications and invalidation caused by your association with the church as staff or public. The next step is to handle all of the things you came in to Scientology to handle. For some of my pcs, this is done in less than twenty hours of auditing.

I clean up the state of clear for my pcs and this is easier than you would imagine. After that, my pcs receive OT auditing and are encouraged to solo audit as soon as they are confident enough to do it. Unlike the COS, my pcs learn to do OT auditing as soon as they are able to communicate with their OT case and they are always on a program tailored specifically for their needs.

If this is what you envisioned when you came into Scientology, we can work together and have you on the track to achieving your goals again. I will provide you with any references you need to answer your questions and will give you material to study from your first engagement with me.

I give a free introductory session to any prospective client so that you can see whether my services are what you need and for me to see if you can be successfully audited over the Internet. If I feel that you have the ability to take responsibility for your life and the ethics level to withstand the rapid changes that can occur in auditing, I will send you the agreement under which services are delivered and we can schedule you for auditing.

If you are not ready for auditing yet, I suggest that you read Possibly Helpful Advice starting from the beginning and then read Workable Technology from the beginning. That should provide you with stable data with which to make decisions about your future.

Let me know what works best for you.

Best regards,

David St Lawrence


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ron bible  on March 27th, 2013

I was out of COS for 20 years and a basket case at best; canceled clear cert and other inval. Then i got in comm with David,now am solo not’s completion and a whole lot more.

Thanks again David for saving my life.

Ron Bible

Sammy U  on March 27th, 2013

I am a victim of an introductory session from David St. Lawrence. Fifty hours of auditing later, I suffer with more responsibilities, a bigger game, and no axe to grind with the Church of Scientology. I am now my best self.

Thanks for helping me get over the betrayal I felt and being able to confront all the good and evil of the life of LRH and the history of Scientology. I can now continue my original postulate of clearing the planet and make a better world.

OldAuditor  on March 27th, 2013

Sammy U, I am really glad to see that we did not damage your sense of humor! 🙂

elizabeth hamre  on March 27th, 2013

David you are one of the best!! As you know I have given up looking at the universe as something valuable, I just see things as equal energy.. but, I hope you do not mind I see your universe valuable because you provide what it is needed in the Now by many..

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