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Most people enter Scientology because they are brought to a realization that something is ruining their life and they need to change this situation for the better.  However, it not usually apparent what changing their situation for the better is going to mean in terms of their lives and careers.

No one warns you that changing your life for the better will have an impact on many other lives. If they did warn you, you might even think, “Oh I’m sure they will be very happy!”

Maybe so, but here is the rest of the story.

The fortunate people who get standard auditing and training will usually experience miracles beyond their wildest expectations. In my ten years as a Mission Holder, we saw this time after time, probably because we insisted on standard application of the Tech.

What we could have done better was to prepare these people for what would invariably happen as they gained new abilities and moved out of fixed conditions.

We had them study the Conditions and learn how to apply them and put these people on courses to detect and handle PTSness, but I don’t feel we did enough to prepare these newly able people for the drastic life changes they were about to encounter.

By the way, this may also apply to those who have recently separated from staff or the Sea Org. Some staff have been squashed and invalidated to the point where their case level resembles raw public. As they get rehabilitated, they will experience life changes they may not anticipate.

Drastic life changes occur when you change size as a being.

You are going through life and have carefully molded yourself to fit the space your wife, family, boss, friends, etc. have made for you. You squeeze yourself down and are careful not to offend or provoke the wrath of others. You have done this so carefully that you are no longer aware that you are doing it. You may have gotten so good at this game of being small that you have done it for many lifetimes. It has been a workable solution to staying out of trouble.

You go off and get auditing and come home all shining and happy. Someone you live with or work with sees you and does what they always do which is to invalidate or suppress you “for your own good”. Instead of meekly saying “Of course boss” or “Yes dear”, you tell them to get stuffed in a cheerfully aggressive manner.

It was like they were an incoming mosquito and you swat them down without even a second thought. Life suddenly gets more interesting because you watch the ensuing misemotion with a whole new viewpoint. While you were away getting auditing, you may have stopped being meek and this requires that you take a new look at what Conditions Formula you should apply.

I have found that applying New Non-Existence works well after any auditing action.

After years of postulates not working, you find that your slightest intention can have immediate results.

This is like the actor so used to firing blanks from a gun that he makes fatal mistakes when someone substitutes live rounds. After processing you are definitely firing live rounds…

You are sitting at work and you think, “This job really sucks. I need to get another one”. The next day the boss tells you that you are being let go.

You  see a pretty girl on course and you think, “That’s the girl for me!” She smiles back and you are off on a wild 2D adventure. Your girlfriend or wife is not pleased.

You are driving your car and you make the mistake of thinking, “This piece of sh*t is going to die any moment.” The car stops and has to be towed to the garage.

Positive postulates work as well, but you are so used to making negative postulates that you can shoot something down just as it takes off.

After awhile,  you get your postulates under control and life REALLY gets interesting. There will be more about this in a later post.

The bottom line is that auditing changes your life and your ability to handle life. You essentially become a new person to the extent that your abilities have changed. This can produce a complete shift in your closest relationships, in your career and in all of your interests in life.

Be very careful what you wish for, as you will probably get it.

You will definitely live in interesting times. Those of us who have experienced this change would never go back to life as it was.

My suggestion? Just keep on applying New Non-E as you change.

Good luck!

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Thought provoking  on December 4th, 2009

Continuing to enjoy the posts, thank you. It is nice to have the little “accent on abiity” nudge, quite therapeutic. Lots of rehab occuring throughout your posts.

Mosey  on December 4th, 2009

O A,
This was extremely timely, having just completed Grade IV. Life has been very interesting and every day I am more and more amazed at my increased abilities. Thank you for this post! As R.J. often says, I definately got a F/N on that one. Thank you for all you are doing!
Love Mosey

Lise  on January 2nd, 2010

Very good advice. I only just started looking at your blog and its great. I will definately take heed on this. My life has already drastically changed since resigning. My career is also just starting to boom PTSness handled I believe. Now I can use all my auditor tech in life without it being invalidated. I LOVE it

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