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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Coming Full Circle on a Quest for Spiritual Communication

This is a sanitized preview of a series of articles on spiritual communication.

It has taken me 38 years to connect the dots and to realize that the quest that started in 1975 with visits to a Spiritualist Church in Ft Lauderdale and led me into the upper levels of Scientology has finally connected back up with what hundreds of thousands of people are doing daily outside of Scientology.

Spiritualist churches are places of worship for the practitioners of Spiritualism. Healing circles may also be part of the formal proceedings.

Spiritualists believe that when we die physically aspect of the personality or mind survives this and continues to exist on a spirit plane, sometimes referred to as the spirit world. Spiritualists use the word Spirit as a plural which describes all minds and entities who have entered into the spirit world.

I have observed one of these minister/mediums providing information such as particulars of illnesses suffered and notable events in their lives, known only to the person in the congregation being given the information. She exhibited what we would call OT ability in service after service.


Scientology OT levels are graduated series of processes for addressing and removing spiritual beings just like the spiritual beings addressed in every Spiritualist church service.

In the Spiritualist church, the communication with spirits is done by trained mediums. In the Church of Scientology, the communication with spirits is done by auditors and by the preclears themselves.

In the Spiritualist Church this communication is viewed as a religious activity shared by many, while in the Church of Scientology this communication is viewed as a highly confidential exorcism fraught with all sorts of danger.

This confidentiality allows the church to extract enormous fees, on the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to teach the preclear how to rid himself of these spiritual beings.

I have recently observed that we ex and present Scientologists are but a tiny fraction of the people who engage in spiritual communication on a daily basis.


There are now hundreds of thousands of people today who have discovered that they can talk to entities directly and you can see what some are doing by Googling Spirit Guides and guardian angels (over 292 million results). Topics like Contact Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels http://www.beliefnet.com/Wellness/2010/09/Contact-Your-Spirit-Guides.aspx and What is your Spirit Guides Name? http://sladeroberson.com/psychic-readings/whats-your-spirit-guides-name.html will give you  information that aligns well with what you will find in your Super Secret OT Materials.

All beings respond to kindness and good communication. Training you to be afraid of beings was a good way of controlling you, just like keeping you from reading the Internet.  :)

As Mulder said in the X-files, “The truth is out there.”

You may read a more complete version of this preview here: http://workabletechnology.com/?p=619

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D'Anne  on April 1st, 2013

Thank you for this! I know there are lots of people out there healing themselves and others. Quantum Physics has now discovered that consciousness influences the physical world — and that many of the mystical traditions are correct. So LRH was on to something. AND…fear is not a part of the equation of becoming At Cause over the physical world. It’s awareness. Inclusion. Love.

Thank you for acknowledging this. I was excited to think that Scientology, Inc. might leading the way in this field and confounded to find so many militaristic zealots pounding guilt and fear into others. It’s good to see that there’s a possibility that Independent Scientology might be clearing the road to make these powerful understandings easily accessible to all of us. And there is room for many, many, many people to contribute to the enlightenment of our world.

rine  on April 3rd, 2013

I already commented to you on FB. Its been wonderful getting this info. It literally changes lives.

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