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Scientology Inc scientific hucksterism continues

On Sunday, Tony Ortega published a copy of Celebrity Centre International’s latest piece of snake-oil in a newly-minted electronic FSM newsletter.

What that tells us is that Celebrity Centre International Inc has run out of money for promotional mailings. They figured out they don’t have to pay the US Postal Service postage when they stuff annoying unrequested electro-junk into your inbox.

Part of the money problem is most likely the fact that CCI is enforcing LRH’s definition of celebrity, which excludes ordinary, run of the mill off-the-street curiosity seekers from going into Celebrity Centre Inc in Hollywood to get questions answered about Scientology.



Take a close look. The question is “What is the quality of Celebrity Centre services?”

It’s an idiotic question at best, since there is no objective measurement, inside the church or outside the church, as to the quality of services.

The answer is just as idiotic: Real celebrities deserve the best in staff and service and image. Whuuuut?

Are we to assume that because LRH said that “real celebrities” deserve the best service that they get it? No?

Then comes a response that that doesn’t actually answer the question. That’s an example of the dumbified TRs that CCI teaches celebrities with the drill that teaches someone how NOT to answer a question. (It’s TR-2E on the Success Through Communication Course.)

So if you got one of these piece-of-hogwash e-mails and don’t want to receive it anymore, don’t just delete it. Mark it spam. If enough people do that, the ISPs delivering e-mail will start non-delivery of the Celebrity Centre International e-mails.

But that’s only the first piece of offensiveness in the CCI FSM electronic newsletter.

Take a look at this piece of dreck in the part of the newsletter extolling the Purification Rundown.

See that list of “symptoms” in the left column. How many of those apply to the self-appointed Pope of Scientology, David Miscavige? Maybe he should be forced to do a 2013-style Purif.

Looking at this piece of the promo, you’d get the idea that sometime, when you’re doing the Purification Rundown, you’ll be shown a “speedometer” that shows how toxic your body is. Then later, when you’re getting close to being done, you’ll be shown another speedometer showing how “clean” your body is.

Wouldn’t it be great if the tech was that scientific and precise?

The truth is, no actions are taken while you are on the Purification Rundown that scientifically validate that the detoxing was needed, was occurring, and had reached an end point.

If there were, the church wouldn’t be having parishioners re-do their Purification Rundowns based on an arbitrary (subjective) judgment arrived at by folder study, instead of by chemically sampling the person’s body and performing a biochemical analysis of it.

In fact, if a biochemical test were available, the person would have stayed on the Purification Rundown the first time, until the results said that staying on the Rundown were no longer needed.

So the presentation of a “graph” or “speedometer” showing the level of toxins in a person’s body is just so much snake-oil.

Even naturopathic doctors admit there are no biochemical tests they can do affordably in a clinical environment to prove to you you’re getting the promised detoxification effects from their “far infrared sauna detox programs”. But they aren’t lying to you in their ads and making you think that scientific objective proof of detoxification will be shown to you during their rundowns. And they aren’t overcharging for their rundowns. And no other naturopath will come along in a few years and insist that you pay to re-do it because the original practitioner didn’t do it right in the first place.

But most importantly, if you do your far infrared detox program with a naturopath, you won’t be letting yourself be sucked into the multi-billion dollar fraud called the Church of Scientology Inc.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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