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Another Scientology Inc Miracle

In preparation for tax day, I was looking through some backlogged paperwork and found this: evidence of another Scientology miracle!




Did you spot the Scientology miracle?

It’s right there!

The birthrate for teens dropped to an all-time low ending in 2010.

The miracle?

Scientology Inc didn’t try to take credit for it!

No Youth for Human Rights!

No Drug-Free Marshals!

No crush-regging of donations!

No The Way To Happiness booklet mass distribution!

No auditing!

No training!

No Basics!

No Golden Age of Tech!

No Golden Age of Knowledge!


No Ideal Orgs!

No, the statistic dropped and Scientology Inc didn’t stick its nose into it!

No, the wogs got a statistic to improve without the coerced application of LRH tech!

The wogs got a statistic to improve all by themselves!

The incompetent, illiterate, out-ethics, ignorant, pathetic wogs made a change for the good. And without dragging Scientology Inc into it!

There’s another miracle in this data presentation, too.

The poor, wretched, uneducated, petty wogs graphed a statistic in an understandable way without the use of patented David Miscavige® Statistic Camouflaging™ tech.

Too bad David Miscavige can’t present data without its use.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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