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Another Decepticon Gets Hauled Out for Scientology Inc Fundraising

This promo piece from the Phoenix Idyllic Org comes out in lock-step with the Southwest Alliance effort.


If you recall, the Southwest Alliance is the latest twist in the Miscavige scheme to make every org an Ideal Org. The Southwest Alliance was formed by the Church (not by the parishioners) to try to rope in more of those lazy out-ethics non-participating Scientologists into giving every possible cent of their money, their future money, and their homes, their gold teeth, and all of their families’ money to the effort to acquire and renovate buildings for Ideal Orgs.

The Southwest Alliance has required that the staff of Phoenix Idyllic Org go off-hat, don their uncomfortable wool uniforms, and spearhead another 24/7 fundraising effort. Even though their own Idyllic Org has been opened for two years.

The effort has resulted in dusting off corny pointless fundraising techniques such as making falsely enthusiastic videos. (“We need you guys to be genuinely enthusiastic!” “Genuine enthusiasm? I can fake that!”)

But that was just a hint of the vapidity to come.

Phoenix is now promoting that Dr. Mary Shuttleworth is coming to Phoenix to “update the Phoenix field on Human Rights News”. Shuttleworth is the founder of Youth For Human Rights International and won Miscavige’s Freedom Medal in 2007.

If you look at the YHRI website, you’ll see that conspicuously absent is any mention of Scientology, the Freedom Medal, or the fact that YHRI is a Scientology Inc front group. Yet, if anything is true about that website, it’s that the website is a cookie-cutter Scientology Inc effort.

And even though YHRI tried to hide its Scientology Inc connection, that information didn’t escape the watchful eye of Wikipedia. That entry mentions Scientology in various forms six times in its first few paragraphs.

If being founded by, financed by, and staffed by Scientology Inc was something to be proud of, why keep it a secret? Is it that a publicized Scientology Inc connection has proven to be a guaranteed way to keep the donations low?

If that weren’t enough, Mary’s maiden name is actually Mary Unteidt and her origins are South African. I remember a South African SHSBC student named Andre Unteidt from the ‘90s, who was related to a chipper little Sea Org member who acted as ASHO Host in that same time period. I wonder if Mary’s related to these others.

(Reading Wikipedia’s webpage on YHRI is like reading an accounting of incest in an 18th dynasty Royal Egyptian family.)

It’s pretty obvious to me that YHRI is purely the brainchild of Scientology Inc, created for PR purposes, and is posing deceptively as an organ for the “public good”.

And that trotting out Mary Shuttleworth to raise funds for an Ideal Org Alliance is pretty substance-free.

If we don’t remain vigilant, the Decepticons will take over the galaxy.

— written by Plain Old Thetan



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bboy  on April 19th, 2013

Untiedt is not Mary’s maiden name … it’s her former married name from the time she was married to Andre Untiedt. And I believe the spelling is wrong in your text.

chuckbeatty77  on April 28th, 2013

Green volumes readers of Hubbard’s staff administrative setups, will remember Hubbard saying the movement spirals through the Divisional phases, like the movement is in one divisional phase and then the next divisional phase, and so on. And then it recycles through the phases, on and on.

I think rather, that Hubbard wrote the script, the allowed options.

And the leader(s) of the bureaucratic setups simply condone and emphasize one portion of the Hubbard admin options as that leader or leader can mentally tolerate at any one time.

Sort of “hobby horsing”, another Hubbard admin concept, a derogatory one.

Leaders of Scientology authorize one part of the admin rules at any one time period. they are supposed to actually each (WDC Members and Exec Strata members) write strategies for their areas, and dovetail their strategies, focusing on optimum eexpansion for the overall movement.

The problem is Hubbard’s allowed policy options, have unseen flaws, that the leader(s) can’t modify or revise.

Right now, the emphasis is on regging for materials (books and CDs).

And regging for the various products or just plain regging for IAS or for the buildings, or for the special edition books, etc, etc.

In derogatory Hubbard terms, the movement is in a “crim regging” phase.

The “crim reg” is the movement’s current top valance beingness.

As opposed to other times in Scientology history when the emphasis and top role model was the Class 12 auditor at Flag, for instance.

How the movement emphasizes one or another of the main movement scripted roles that people can adopt, as participants of the movement, is important overall how to assess the health of the movement.

It’s in the “crim reg” phase clearly, and the leader(s) doesn’t see this, and it’s damaging their image, another unseen consequence the leader(s) of Scientology cannot see.

Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87
Course Supervisor Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
Routed out March 29, 2003.
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