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Jenna Miscavige Hill’s People Magazine Interview

A friend of this site tells me he  stumbled on the 11 February 2013 issue of People magazine and he grabbed it to scan this article for us.




(To get a larger image of each scan for easier reading, click on the picture on this page, then click on the thumbnail that comes up.)

Of course, this article painting Scientology Inc in a bad light made it into more people’s homes than the Scientology Super Bowl ad.

Remember that the Super Bowl ad was on in only a few locales, and was on for only a few seconds after the national ads ending the first half of the game and before the network’s “sports central” review of the game so far. That’s when 50 % of the viewers were in the bathroom, and not watching television.

The article certainly made it into more doctor’s office waiting rooms, more barber shops, more nail salons, and more supermarket check-out lines. More of America’s mothers learned how to think about Scientology Inc from this article than from Scientology Inc’s bus bench ads, shrink-wrapped busses, and billboards.

Reading the article, I saw that Jenna has nothing but animosity for Scientology. She doesn’t carry the philosophy into her new, out-of-the-church life. And it seems to me like she harbors nothing but ill will toward Scientology and its leadership.

I remember, many moons ago, thinking that it would be great if only everyone would learn and practice Scientology. It didn’t even enter my thoughts that the result of lifelong Scientology indoctrination would be resentment.

Of course, now I think differently. And this article brought the difference into sharp focus for me.

— written by Plain Old Thetan








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