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I was listening to the radio in the past few days and heard an interview between a Boston-area reporter and a Muslim cleric.

The reporter was trying to make the cleric admit that the Boston Marathon bombers learned from the Quran (Koran) that it was okay to bomb and maim and kill bystanders in order to make a religious point.

The cleric wouldn’t have any of it, and grew increasingly agitated as the reporter tried to force the cleric to admit in various ways that the Boston bombers had learned it was okay to kill people for their religious cause.

At one point, the frustrated cleric burst out with what is now etched in my memory: “But that’s not what the Prophet wrote in the Quran!

The cleric went on to cite passages from the Quran that make such mayhem prohibited.

In response to the pointed drilling by the reporter, the cleric made the point repeatedly that those who use the Quran to kill and terrorize have misduplicated and are thus misapplying the words of the Prophet.

According to the cleric, part of the problem seems to be mistranslations of the Quran that lead Westerners to look for Muslims to have “permission” to kill and terrorize Westerners or Israelis. I started to think about how Miscavige and his minions have misduplicated and misapplied the words of L. Ron Hubbard in order to put non-LRH programs into effect that have shrunk the church and drained the pockets of its parishioners.

Part of that thinking was steered by a “success story” from an OT VIII, Class VIII, Golden Age of Knowledge completion who apparently had a huge cog that the best way to help the world and mankind was to become a full-time IAS donations solicitor.

Apparently LRH didn’t anticipate the extent to which Miscavige’s Gross Alterations of the Tech would get people more embedded into the cult. I for one expected that a Class VIII would be more free of the cult, rather than more embedded.

After all, LRH said in LRH ED 13-Mar-1983 348 INT RON’S JOURNAL 37 that IF YOU KNOW THE TECH, IT WILL PROTECT YOU.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect that people who knew the tech would then turn around and fail to apply it. It’s a shame that a Class VIII can’t apply the tech.

That same Class VIII would be eligible for a free retrain on Class VIII, except that doing a full retrain on Class VII would be done GAT-style, making the auditor into less of an auditor and more of a robot.

Apparently the Class VIII anticipated that writing a “success story” like the one presented would afford “protection” from being forced to retread/retrain.

Anyway, when I heard the Muslim cleric’s protest “But that’s not what the Prophet wrote in the Quran!”, my big cognition of the week was about the slippery slope that the modern Church of Scientology Inc started on when it allowed Miscavige to use his position and power to alter the meaning, use, and intention of LRH’s words. And that the year 1984 was pretty much like the Orwell book 1984.


— written by Plain Old Thetan    

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Aeolus  on April 23rd, 2013

Perhaps this Class VIII’s initials are Kathy Feshbach?

In today’s Scientology, having and donating lots of money is what makes you ‘right’. You’re upstat, a Humanitarian, a Patron Gluteus Maximus. It doesn’t matter if the money came from the losses of many other people through your games on Wall Street, ala Gordon “greed is good” Gecko in the movie. It doesn’t matter either if you didn’t actually make that money yourself, as long as you can sign the check.

So, if you buy into this lie that donating money makes you ‘right’, why wouldn’t you encourage others to do the same? It’s obviously the best use of your talents and Class VIII training.

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