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Plain Old Thetan is at it again!  He brings us news of still another assault on our pocketbooks and how to avoid being sucked in.


11 October 2010

The word is out.

Voracious Materials Insultants, eager to suck each possible cent from malleable Scientology parishioners, have crawled out from under their rocks to “pre-reg” high-profile pre-qualled “donors” for the next explosive can’t-be-missed, you gotta have them, record-setting, we-need-the-freakin’-money now-now-now new releases.

Apparently, within the next eight months, the ch-uuuuurch* is releasing fancy new sets of the Scientology Technical Volumes and Organizational Executive Course Administrative Volumes.

This is of course because the previous edition volumes you have in your library are all dirty and dusty and totally unusable.

It’s also because there’s insufficient previous-edition Basic Books in landfills to throw the Earth into an orbit-decaying wobble.

To totally effect the destruction of the Earth, you will be asked to surrender your Technical and OEC volumes to the dumps and shredders of mankind. This mass, added to the mass of Basics volumes and old National Geographic magazines and Sears catalogs, will be sufficient to cause the Earth to undergo precession (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precession), wobbling out of control and eventually out of orbit, tumbling either into deep space or the Sun.

To stave off this disaster, the answer is clear.


As we have seen from the Basics evolution, you will be told you must get the new volumes because they are verified against LRH’s actual writings and proofread and cross-checked and are better than the originals.

The first thing I’m going to ask myself is: Do I need a new set of Technical Volumes?

That answer, sadly, is no. I didn’t get 20 years’ worth of use out of my last set of Tech volumes. I didn’t get the intended usage out of the old set because five years after buying them, Field Auditing as a practice and career was denied to me by the mighty mouse.

The second thing I’m going to ask myself is: Am I out of date because I don’t have the new set of Technical Volumes?

The answer, sadly, is yes. I am out of date. I can’t keep up with the arbitrary Miscavigisms inserted into the tech, and I can’t possibly know if some change is a Miscavigism or actual LRH writings.

The third thing I’m going to do is ask myself: Is there a fast way for me to check and see if the new Tech Volumes are the altered, perverted mess I expect them to be?

The answer, sadly, is yes. I can rapidly check and see if HCOB 30 Nov 78 CONFESSIONAL PROCEDURE still contains “change of characteristic” as a needle manifestation that could be followed up by the auditor using buttons in Step 7. I could also check to see if step 7 tells me to take up the Confessional Question if it reads when the auditor checks the Misunderstood button and gets it to read. The addition of Misunderstood to the Confessional Procedure is a GAT-ism that had no place in the Confessional Procedure bulletin LRH originally wrote.

Of course, if the volumes contain HCOB 21 July 1978 WHAT IS A FLOATING NEEDLE?, and it has the phrase “back and forth, back and forth” or any other data other than that which you can find in the 1991 Technical Volumes, then it’s a h ack, and deserves no further attention.

If you go to an Int event in the next eight months, take a photocopy of HCOB 21 July 1978 in your pocket so you can show the alteration to the poor Materials Insultant you’re not going to buy a new set of Tech Volumes from.

The fourth thing I’m going to ask myself is: Do I have to toss my old Tech Volumes?

In shades of Orwell’s 1984, the answer will be yes. The monstrous midget doesn’t want anyone looking up stuff in the old volumes so they can ask “Why did this change?”

Well, Davey, I can assure you of this. I’m keeping my 1991 Tech Vols, Just like I kept my 1976 tech volumes. Good thing, too, because stuff was not included in the 1991 tech volumes I needed to audit pcs in 1996. It was still in my 1976 Tech Volumes, though!

The fifth thing I’m going to do is ask myself: If David Miscavige issued the final collection of all LRH authored bulletins, the Technical Volumes of 1991 should be the final word and should not need to be “reissued”; so why is it being done?

That answer is obviously, for the sole purpose of making money.

LRH says in lecture 7 November 52 FORCE AS HOMO SAPIENS AND AS THETAN—RESPONSIBILITY that “Money is a representation of force. You can buy force with money.” (R&D 12:59)

So, by giving the mighty mouse money, you are actually turning over to him the tool by which he can continue to bend others to his will. If you deny the mighty mouse money, you keep the power and force with you, and deny it to him.

If you were paying attention during the ACC fiasco, the ACCs started out at about $15,000 for a complete set, then dropped to $7,500, and finally dropped to $4,500.

That should tell you that no one wants DM’s altered tech. So, at minimum, don’t pay for or buy the new OEC and/or Tech Volumes before three months after their release event. The price will probably drop to $10 a volume by then.

Certainly, if you’re on course don’t buy any Tech volumes or OEC volumes until you know how this whole mess shakes out. Otherwise, you’re just throwing good money down the toilet.

And getting a new set of OEC volumes is useless, because it documents the policy that the reign of terror doesn’t follow. And you can’t use them to look up what reference some reg or staff member is operating on, since they’re running on invented Miscavige policy anyway.

If you’re worried about how to discern the aberrations in the OEC volumes, just see if there’s a bulletin called PTSNESS AND DISCONNECTION. That was apparently issued by DM in a raggedy old attempt to force rebellious parishioners to disconnect from their family members. Remember that Tommy Davis is on tape telling us “Disconnection is cancelled”.

I’m sure that now I’ve written this, others will step forward with their own Qual Checks to feed to the Materials Insultants.

– Written by Plain Old Thetan

* ch-uuuuurch: noise made by someone vomiting.


lunamoth  on October 11th, 2010

Well, I suppose it was inevitable. When an ex-staff member commented to me months ago that you could no longer buy the tech vols in his org’s bookstore, I had the feeling this was coming.

I can’t imagine this campaign being successful. The ACC’s, dm’s last “must have item,” was a world-class flop. It’s as if people are starting to feel DONE with the incessant push to buy buy buy that which they have already bought bought bought.

And the issue of disposal of the present vols is an interesting one. Trash or burn an investment of that kind? And destroying something that has been so highly valued for so long – almost biblical in their significance to most scientologists? Yikes – that would be hard to do.

And in case you haven’t been paying attention to this little fact, you should know that there is NO market on line for LRH materials anymore; if you think you’re going to recoup any of the cost of the set by selling on e-bay, know that the several-thousand dollar basics sets are selling for a little over one hundred dollars there, IF they sell at all. This is the very essence of a market, the bottom of which has “fallen out.”

With this new release imminent,I am waiting to see if my suspicions are correct, that the well is now virtually dry.

Pax  on October 11th, 2010

Thanks Plain Old Thetan!

The last time I was in the Mission, almost near completion of the “PTS/SP” Course, they said they wanted me to redo it and read 3 LRH books and start the course over again. No where does LRH explain to do this.I was having wins, going at my own pace, with the limited time I have. This is obvious mischievous (Miscavage)intervention at its best. I am sick of this bastard destroying the only “Technology” that can save this planet.
It is so obvious that my Church has turned into a Money Machine. I wonder what the hell else napolean is going to invent or change!

from a Scientologist

plainoldthetan  on October 13th, 2010

Pax: This is my concern. For all I know, HCO PL “ARBITRARIES” will be modified (with the help of “LRH Research and Complilations”) to tell you that if something looks like an arbitrary, it isn’t! Just do it! Don’t question it! Don’t have it make sense! Just do it!

And here’s your receipt.

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