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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Narconon Atlanta is raided in an investigation of insurance fraud.

State and county officials entered Scientology’s drug rehab center in the Atlanta area — Narconon Georgia — and confiscated evidence in an ongoing state investigation of insurance fraud.

It promises to be a busy week for the legal team for the Church of Scientology.

Authorities are putting ethics in on the most ethical religion on the planet.

splainin to do

Miscavige counters by announcing a new release.


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See the full story on Tony Ortega’s Underground Bunker

NEW: See video of raid: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/investigators-raid-narconon-georgia/nXYzJ/

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Damian DeWitt  on April 26th, 2013

That shoop is one of the most excellent in the history of fighting Scientology.

OldAuditor  on April 27th, 2013

This kind of event brings out the creative instincts of cult watchers.

Picture OSA operatives running around with their hair on fire.

Capture the frenzy of staff members doing all night document shredding.

Visualize church lawyers being hauled out of bed to come up with strategy to cover COB’s butt once again.

Watch for staff members making their escape during the confusion.

Speculate on which celebrities will break ranks after conferring with their lawyers and agents.

Speculate on which laws officers will avoid commenting on this matter.

Guess which independent will be the first to release a video celebrating this event.

I expect to see a gallery of cartoons and videos memorializing this event.

PlainOldThetan  on April 27th, 2013

Picture millions of IAS dollars disappearing down the spider-hole of attorneys and private investigators.

Picture an entire sector of Scientology Inc outreach operations disappearing practically overnight.

Picture Dan Sherman couching this incident in terms of something victim-y so Miscavige can tell us how “efforts must be redoubled” and your donations are needed more than ever before.

Picture Miscavige sitting in an interview room in Georgia (shudder!) lying to investigators about the connection between Scientology and Narconon.

Picture CofS P.I.s getting hauled away for stalking and harassing local and state investigators and prosecutors and legislators.

Picture Miscavige getting hauled away in manacles for setting the P.I.s on those same local and state investigators and prosecutors and legislators.

Picture Tom Cruise on his next visit to Jimmy Kimmel or Jay Leno trying to explain how he hasn’t been “putting ethics in” on the most opportunistic, fraud-laden, disingenuous organization on the planet.

Picture RICO indictments coming down that close every Narconon facility in the US. And picture the FBI hauling vans-full of evidence out of Int Base.

OldAuditor  on April 27th, 2013

Picture the confusion of the team that was planning to convert Larry Hagman’s Ojai estate into a Narconon for celebrities.

Picture lawyers circling like vultures around the smoking ruins of the Narconon empire. There will be no shortage of unhappy clients to represent.

Maybe they will dust Heber off and have him call the remaining faithful to a desperate call to arms. They probably have visions of busloads of Scientologists converging on Atlanta and marching in the streets. 🙂

PlainOldThetan  on April 27th, 2013

Gasp! Could this be the event that leads to “freeing Heber”?

David St Lawrence aka oldauditor  on April 27th, 2013

I had not thought this through. 🙁

That would be unthinkable – like a low-budget remake of “the Day of the Dead”

You cannot take the denizens of the hole and expose them to broad daylight. Their brief appearances at events did not reveal the makeup and face paint required to make them look human.

In a public showing, they would be objects of pity, not admiration.

In fact, if the insurance investigation ever reaches Int Base, COB will have to raze the hole and bury everyone who has knowledge of it, claiming they have gone on to Target Two to be with Ron.

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