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It’s been a rough week in Fraud Junction

scarfaceBy Fraud Junction, I mean yesterday’s raid on Narconon Georgia looking for evidence of insurance fraud as well as last week’s developments in the Garcias’ fraud case against the church. The Garcias are saying the church solicited millions of dollars in “donations” for things like Super Power and Ideal Orgs. The money has simply vanished off the face of the earth without the church providing Super Power and failing to produce Orgs that fit the description of Ideal Orgs as LRH described in LRH ED INT 102 20 May 1970 102 THE IDEAL ORG.

Tony Ortega has been closely following  the Garcias’ fraud lawsuit against Scientology Inc. Check it out here and here and here and here and here.

Basically the Garcias are suing saying they made over $400,000 in “donations” for specific purposes and years later the church hasn’t produced the promised products. And that the church is fraudulently refusing to return the money.

The church lawyers countered by claiming it was a matter of religious beliefs (it wasn’t) and requesting the assigned judge to force the Garcias to use in-church arbitration procedures.

The Garcias’ attornies countered by gathering affidavits from former church members and executives describing how the church has reneged on its policy and promises to refund people who qualify for refunds. The statements also describe how the church’s in-house arbitration procedures are a fraud because, in Miscavige’s Scientology Inc: 

● If you request a refund, you’re instantly declared.

● If you’re declared, no one in the church has to talk to you.

● The “arbitration panel” consists only of doggedly loyal Scientologists

● The “arbitration panel” won’t communicate with a declared person.

● The “arbitration panel” is rigged to ensure things come out right for Scientology Inc, not the downtrodden degraded fair-game-able declared Suppressive Person. 

There was also testimony about how Scientology Inc has been dragging its feet in giving refunds and repayments in direct contradiction to the position it took with the IRS when it was manipulating the IRS prior to the church’s secret settlement with the IRS in 1993. 

Here’s the USA Today video coverage of the suit, from back in January 2013.

And of course, during the discovery phase, the church will have to cough up the top secret records documenting what donations were received and how they were spent. If the church insists that those records are  “trade secret”, it will just be another nail in Miscavige’s coffin.

There’s an excellent chance that the judge in the Garcia matter will accept no further skullduggery from the Scientology Inc attorneys and will take it to trial.

But I’ve been wrong before about such predictions. So we should stay tuned to our information channels and see what happens.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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