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Golden Age of Knowledge isn’t working too well

survey2xA lot of my posts lately have been about a key piece of Scientology being lost.

Those who have been on staff or in the Sea Org will recognize that survey tech has been abandoned in the church. After all, one doesn’t have to survey when one has the privilege of force to get things done.

You can tell that it has vanished without too much effort. Just look at the “promotional campaign” centered around the rip-off of Steve Jobs’ video around the Super Bowl. You can also sample the desperate, grasping efforts to run the Idle Org Non-existence campaigns. You could also do your own examination of the corny, hokey, contrived “promo pieces” sent out by Idle Orgs trying to keep the tip of their snorkels above water.

This week, we got 8Gb of scans from an undercover operative who leaked to us the latest evidence that the Golden Age of Knowledge is a big old fat failure.

The package consists of 57 8.5”x14” scans of Executive Directives, International Management Bulletins, IAS Information Letters, and International Management Executive Committee Program directives, most designed to “fix” the Golden Age of Knowledge. It is our intention to release this stuff in pieces, so you won’t get too underwhelmed by what is patently obvious evidence of Miscavige’s incompetence.

The first piece of evidence is this document, SMI INT ED 1744 titled HANDLING STUDENT ASSIGNMENTS ON BOOKS AND LECTURES COURSES. It describes how a course supervisor is supposed to grade extension course lessons.

I remember that the Golden Age of Knowledge was first announced at the LRH Birthday Event in March 2005. Now, in 2013, eight years later, apparently failure to document for supervisors how to grade extension course lessons has resulted in some flaps in the Scientology Inc community. So a three-page issue had to be created to tell supervisors how to grade extension course lessons.

Here’s the first of the leaked issues for your reading pleasure. Click through the picture to get larger images.

smiinted1744p1_ smiinted1744p2_  smiinted1744p3_



In its self-delusional style, Scientology Inc has managed to convince itself that the failure of ALL Scientologists to get through their Basics lineup is somehow related to improper grading of extension course lessons.

Of course, it would never have anything to do with:

● people being forced to turn their old books into the org, and buy whole new sets of books

● rewriting huge chunks of the books that got you through OT VII or OT VIII

● having COB evaluate for you that you didn’t get anything out of the books you’ve owned since 1972

● being forced to listen to COB try to convince you that he knew better than LRH what LRH wanted in the books that have been in publication for about forty years.

● having to buy and “donate” dozens of sets of Basics that never ended up anywhere

● injecting an unsurveyed or improperly surveyed global program into the world, enforcing it on everyone and expecting that everyone would kowtow and “just go along with it, ‘cuz we said so” and not predicting that there would be less than fifty percent compliance

● basing the GAK program on the basic belief that all Scientologists must do study on the GAK materials instead of evaluating each person individually to see if they needed it, injecting A=A=A=A (reactive mind) thinking into the most basic of Scientology actions…study

● being so obsessed with secrecy that proper piloting and surveying of huge expensive programs like the Golden Age of Tech and the Golden Age of Knowledge can’t be done

No, Scientology Inc could not observe that the Golden Age of Knowledge has created a big old fat upset in the Scientology Inc field.

And instead of mending that ARC break, what they’re going to do is “fix” how your extension courses were graded.


That’ll fix it.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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samutom  on May 1st, 2013

I failed to get through my extension courses because of the few misplaced commas and typos. It wasn’t because I was being graded incorrectly.

Vertsurblanc  on May 1st, 2013


An excellent haul you have!! I look forward to reading what you share.

The survey tech seems to have gone the way of most of the other admin tech. I went into an ideal org recently and chatted to the ED who raved about all the surveys that were done before the opening. I was surprised, until, he started telling me how the surveys were able to ensure the colors were right, the choices of decor and so forth.

These were not the surveys I had in mind of course. But then, the new org still needed to find the money from the field to start their non-e campaign.

The courses: interesting data. All that effort to achieve a result of “no trained auditors”.

The ED was written by BG. Do you know who that is?


hncollazo  on May 1st, 2013

Hi. Can someone get PTS by just auditing in a CofS Org? I went looking for help to expand in my job, but after 10 hours of auditing I start being PTS big time. I got the Flu, my wife’s car broke, I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate, I get a cold and allergies and finally almost got fired at my job… what the hell!?!

PlainOldThetan  on May 1st, 2013

The simple answer is: Yes, you can rollercoaster after only 10 hours involved in Scientology.

The complete answer is, unfortunately, more complex.

It is an odd but true FACT that when you’re in Scientology, you learn things that you probably weren’t aware of before getting into Scientology. Knowing these thing can make you aware of conditions or situations you have that manifest symptoms you weren’t manifesting before getting into Scientology.

Example: you’ve gone through your entire life being able to read just fine. You were able to study well enough to get a college degree. Then you get into Scientology and one of the first courses you take is the Student Hat, where you learn that the entire planet is carpeted with illiterate stupid people who don’t know the meanings of words. Not knowing the meaning of words comes with certain symptoms, like falling asleep during study. You’ve never noticed you manifested this symptom before, but sure enough, now that you’re in a Scientology courseroom filled with people that JUST KNOW that misunderstood words put a person to sleep, if you come across a word that’s even slightly misunderstood, KLUNK, your head hits the table.

The same thing can happen with PTSness. Once you know there’s a PTS tech, it kind of gives a person a LICENSE to roller coaster.

He may have roller-coastered in life before, due to his PTSness, but he SUPPRESSED THE HELL OUT OF THE SYMPTOMS, so he didn’t get sick, or make mistakes.

In your description of why you were getting auditing, you were trying to expand in your career. So you took refuge in Scientology, which told you one of the myriad previously-unobserved problems you had in your life was PTSness. The symptoms became manifest when you tried to use auditing to correct the situation you had with your career. The more auditing you got, the more PTS symptoms you manifested.

That would all be fine if that was the only way it could go wrong.

The auditing you received might have been on the wrong area: for example, you were audited on your job performance, but the problem was really that in the past, you committed a huge overt by doing a job.

Imagine if the pilot of the Enola Gay considered that dropping a bomb that killed 45,000 people within 24 hours of the bomb’s detonation was a huge overt. He might have difficulty being hired for or doing well on a new job…laying railroad tracks. He gets audited and audited and audited on railroad tracks, but his job performance doesn’t improve. Instead he gets sicker and sicker and sicker because he knows down deep “the right area to be audited on” is dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, but he’s not being audited on that.

This fellow is now what is technically called “out-list”. And until the right area to be audited on is located, he will continue to do poorly in auditing…and life.

Of course, he could be PTS. But failure to locate and correctly handle the correct PTS terminal in his life is its own kind of “out-list”. So he will continue to roller-coaster and do poorly in life and his career until the correct PTS terminal is located and addressed.

The liability these days is that GOING TO THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY FOR HELP CAN MAKE A PERSON PTS ALL BY ITSELF. He’ll be asked to scout all through his life for a PTS terminal without realizing that the church itself is successfully suppressing him.

After all, taking someone’s money without actually helping him is a suppressive (and criminal) act. So he’s PTS all right! To the Church of Scientology Inc.

This is a key reason sites like this exist. To help people who the Church of Scientology Inc isn’t actually helping.

D'Anne  on May 3rd, 2013

About the Super Bowl Ad — the 25% loved it because of several things… first of all, it reminded them of Steve Jobs and his inspirational ad for Apple. Also, they didn’t know the truth about Co$. And… the sentiment is a good one until you realize that it’s a Bait And Switch. Very seductive. Don Juan was seductive. At least 25% of the people thought Hitler was a good guy. The good news is… you and several other sites are exposing the crimes.

Words are cheap. Anyone can make up good words… it’s living the words that takes strength and depth of character.

Thank you.

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