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How your donations are wasted

On 15 December 1970, LRH wrote a lead article for THE AUDITOR magazine issue 51 titled WHAT YOUR DONATIONS BUY. It can be found in OEC volume 2 on page 106.

Given the recent developments in Fraud Junction (the Garcia lawsuit and the Narconon Georgia bust), I thought I’d take a look instead at WHAT YOUR DONATIONS ARE WASTED ON.

Here’s a promo piece sent out by the church itself. It’s called IAS GRANTS NEWS.

What it actually shows us is what Miscavige is wasting your money on.

It has very aesthetic photos of what it’s calling IDEAL NARCONONs.

It’s another abuse of the word IDEAL, which has been denigrated for over ten years in the IDEAL ORG scam.

And remember that a non-trivial percentage of people who are targeted by Narconon are criminals. They’re long-time heavy drug users (ref HCOB 31 March 1981 R “HEAVY DRUG HISTORY” DEFINED).

They are, per the HCOBs on ILLEGAL PCs, not allowed to be audited by the church.

They are not the target public for Scientology.

Unless the church changes its rules and allows drug-taking criminals on-lines.

Or unless the avariciousness of the church makes it blind to the obvious problems.

{sarcasm=on} That could never happen with the Church of Scientology Inc. {sarcasm=off}

Take a look at the properties supposedly funded by IAS Grants.

They’re all obviously intended for money-coming-out-of-their-ears high-rollers and celebrities.

How many people in the Himalayan foothills can afford to go to an “Ideal Narconon” to get the heroin monkey off their back? Richard Gere, maybe? Or Brad Pitt?

How many people live forty miles directly east of Santa Barbara California so they can easily get “rehabbed” in Ojai? Not that many, I can assure you. But it would be a convenient place for a Lindsay Lohan or Mel Gibson or Robert Downey Jr. to go for a rehab. Or second rehab. Or third rehab.

And being in the boonies, privacy for the celebrities would be easier to maintain. Certainly being housed in the former estate of Larry Hagman would sell the Narconon “Celebrity Centre” concept to celebrities.

And having Narconon’s “ideal facilities” off the beaten tracks of the world means that it’s easier to get coroner’s vans onto and off of the properties.

If the properties are off the beaten track, it’d be easier to orchestrate government and insurance fraud.

If things are arranged right, the Narconon personnel will be able to see the authorities coming in time to shred the paperwork and degauss the hard drives.

And if one wants to get government approval, getting it for a drug rehab center that’s a two-hour drive from anywhere is more likely.






In Miscavige’s idiotic way, we’re going to spend two hundred million dollars on facilities for a program that is documented as having facilitated the deaths of its clients and ripped off millions of dollars from its clients’ insurance companies.

It’s another example of Miscavige cart/horse inversion.

Hey Dave! How about cleaning up the program before wasting church money buying facilities that probably won’t pass government muster?

And that’s what your money is getting wasted on this month.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Did anyone notice that this piece of promo documents an indelible link between Scientology Inc and Narconon? In the church’s own handwriting? Doesn’t that contradict the claims that “Narconon isn’t Scientology”?

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