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First-hand report from Phoenix Idle Morgue

dream_realityMike Rinder has shared with us a first-hand insight into the non-goings-on and the morgue-like aspects of the Phoenix Idle Org.

That the report was done by someone familiar with the scene up until 1990 is telling. He was able to point out outnesses that modern “Scientologists” don’t even see.

For example, he pointed out that the LRH office is tucked away in a dark isolated corner of the org. (That’s something I reported back in July 2011.)

What I wished for, though, was a point-by-point dissection of the Phoenix disappointment when lined up and compared against LRH’s Executive Directive called THE IDEAL ORG. Perhaps future clandestine operatives can provide that information.

But from the report, I can tell that claiming Phoenix has an Ideal Org is Miscavige’s pipe-dream.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 07 May 2013

For those without a “new” OEC 0, here’s the LRH ED titled THE IDEAL ORG.







The “new” management series 1 contains the HCO PL version of the issue. It refers to the LRH ED as its source.

However, Miscavige’s systematic alteration of the writings and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard now requires manual verification that the 1970 issue of the LRH ed matches the 1991 re-issue of the LRH ED and that the HCO PL 12 March 1975 version of the LRH ED matches the 1970 printing of the LRH ED.

Miscavige. Dev-t-us Maximus.



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Vertsurblanc  on May 7th, 2013

POT. I am familiar with the Ideal Org policy but you refer to an LRH ED?

Can you post it? Does it differ from the policy?



PlainOldThetan  on May 7th, 2013

Sorry, I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted the ED version. It’s in my “original LRH EDs packs” as well as the “new” OEC 0.

Aeolus  on May 8th, 2013

The Phoenix Org fails on every last point in this ED, and the biggest departure is in the very first sentence. LRH describes the Ideal Org as an activity, not a building.

The next most glaring outpoint is at the end, where LRH says the Ideal Org is achieved step by step, starting with what one already has. The only thing Miscavige’s program has in common with LRH’s is the word ‘ideal’.

Vertsurblanc  on May 8th, 2013

Thanks POT. That says it all. Aeolus you are spot on. That line you quote shows perfectly what LRH had in mind. Bit by bit. On a gradient, in other words.



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