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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Validate your sense of unease – it’s not too late

How many times have you had the feeling that something was going to turn out badly and you ignored your instincts because someone urged you on for their own purposes?

Almost anyone with a functioning sense of survival has the ability to sense dangerous situations from the abundance of clues that are scattered about. The people you are dealing with will have hidden motives and you sense these from direct observation. There will be an abundance of optimistic information with no mention of practical realities or risks.

An almost infallible indicator is that the pressure to conform and comply escalates as soon as you voice doubts.

The “opportunity” is originally presented in the friendliest of terms and you are validated for your wisdom in choosing to invest your life and your money in this opportunity.

If the scam is properly constructed, there will be some initial benefit that will reward you emotionally or even spiritually in ways you have not experienced before. In most cults, just as in the introduction to addictive drugs, there is some practice that will pop you out of your head and give you visions and an ecstatic experience that is overwhelming.

Then while you are caught up in the rush of enthusiasm, you are used to recruit others into the net or you are closed for a financial commitment that will bind you to this group for a long time.

If you are still stuck in the memory of your ecstatic moment, you will apply yourself and work very hard to experience more of that ecstasy.

In the Church of Scientology, there are drills and practices that exteriorize new students and preclears in the very first weeks of exposure to the church. These are for the most part, practices left over from the early days of the church when the objective was to promote spiritual freedom as opposed to conformance to rigid cult behavior.

They are still useful to the cult because these experiences will cause an otherwise rational individual like yourself to cast aside all critical thought and make financial commitments that will result in financial ruin.

Once indoctrinated in proper cult behavior, your are persuaded to sever connections from family and friends who would dissuade you from this self-destructive behavior.

Your normal sense of unease is skillfully positioned as “lack of resolve” or “not getting with the program” and in most cases, you push it to the back of your mind.

Years can go by and your observations of inappropriate and corrupt behavior accumulate until you are suffering from “cognitative dissonance” to an extreme degree.

You are told that the organization is out to save mankind, but you witness constant staff abuse and emotionally destructive actions perpetrated on loyal members. Your asking of questions subjects you to the most virulent abuse possible and you are threatened with excommunication and denial of access to more of the ecstatic experiences you crave.

The chances of ever experiencing more of the ecstasy are non-existent, but you have been hopeful for so long that you just are not sure anymore of anything. You are unable to recognize that your quest for spiritual certainty has led you into the blind alley of faith.

You are no longer capable of “knowing” but operate only on the faith that someone in authority has your best interests at heart.

Your sense of unease is now frantically screaming at you despite your best efforts to stifle it and pretend that you are happy, very happy to have received all those accolades.

You have achieved the pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment and you will be allowed to keep it only as long as you don’t mention the fact you read this blog or have questions about what has happened to Heber Jentzsch. Do not under any circumstances get caught talking about Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder or Jeff Hawkins. Just keep on stifling yourself and you can go on being OT, or whatever…

What you do not yet know is that you can continue your spiritual quest outside the church/cult and you will be welcome to ask any questions you want and get any services you want.

You will also notice that your sense of unease can be relieved, simply by asking questions.

Out here in the field, we don’t bite. We answer questions and actually are setting new records for helping people go free. We routinely rehabilitate the states of beingness that are invalidated by the out-tech practiced in the CofS.

Have you been denied the right to attest to the state of Clear, or the Ls, or to an OT level? There are trained practitioners with years of experience standing by who can help you set things right again in short order. Talk to one of us and see if your sense of unease is finally laid to rest.

This offer is open only to those who are willing to seek help outside the CofS as we are not affiliated in any way with the CofS and do not follow their harmful practices.

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Cat Daddy  on October 24th, 2010

I like this “Trust your own Judgement” piece. Good write up

lunamoth  on October 24th, 2010

Old Auditor

Very important point and well explained. In the past year since realizing what’s really going on in the “church,” I have MANY times thought that if I had only heeded that little voice, that nagging doubt, and done a little research, I would have saved myself a lot of money, heartache and time.

On some level, we all knew long before we “realized” it or “figured it out.”

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