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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Have you sometimes been puzzled by the strange reactions you have to events in your life?

dnbook_SCI_dianetics_06131_126212dToday’s pointless offensive promo piece comes from the Idle Org in Phoenix and is contained in full at the end of this article.

But up front, it asks a simple and vital question:

Have you sometimes been puzzled by the strange reactions you have to events in your life?

Yeah, like wanting to sue a church with a refund/repayment policy that won’t give me my money back.

Well, that’s not a strange reaction.

How about feeling like getting vengeance on the church that took my money to make me an auditor, but that won’t let me audit?

That’s an entirely predictable reaction.

How about wanting to expose the criminality of a church that claims to espouse human rights but that imprisons its senior executives and forces its female clergy to have abortions?

Hmmmm. That’s an easily understood reaction.

How about being suddenly giddy and happy when a church’s criminal drug rehab sub-organization is discovered by law enforcement authorities to be killing its clients, providing drugs to its clients, and defrauding insurance companies?

No, that makes sense.

How about wanting to quit staff at the church when what the directives in use at the church don’t expand the church or result in the promised “people being freed”?

Well, that’s an easily understood reaction.

Wait. How about actively discouraging people who come into a church with written policies that cover all aspects of the operation of that church and then doesn’t follow that policy?

That’s hardly a strange reaction.

How about wanting to quit staff at a church organization when you find out the deck is stacked so that the senior executives can only be taken from the ranks of people who spent $1 million or more going “OT VIII”, but that with the $25 you got paid last week won’t let you come anywhere near OT VIII?

Well, when you say it that way, wanting to quit doesn’t seem strange.

How about feeling vomitous after sitting in an uberorchestrated electronic event seeing lie after lie after lie about the success of the international organization but you know that your local organization is in the dumpster?

Heck, that’s understandable and hardly strange.

How about feeling that you’re committing a horrible overt by trying to get people into an abusive thought-control organization that hires private investigators to harass people who try to leave?

Nah, that’s a perfectly human empathetic response.


When Dianetics and Scientology make you ask the right questions, you see that Dianetics and Scientology aren’t the right answer.



— written by Plain Old Thetan

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sonder  on May 11th, 2013

Should be Admission is Complimentary, but there is no I in hype.

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