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Birmingham Mail: Scientology HQ of ‘corrupt, sinister and dangerous cult’ given green light

BHM_Ideal_Org_MailFirst, thanks to our UK informant for the scan and tip.

The Birmingham City Council gave a green light for the Idle Org of Birmingham based on the notion that “we don’t know who would do something worthwhile with the property otherwise”.

What I thought was interesting was the council’s assertion that if there was a Scientology Org there, there would be fewer traffic problems than when the edifice was an office building.

Someone must have told the Birmingham City Council what the definition of “Idle Org” is.

Certainly in Phoenix, Orange County, Buffalo, Inglewood, and Pasadena it’s been proven that the conversion of a building to an Ideal Org results in less traffic in the area, not more.

Maybe the Birmingham City Council is hoping that the Idle Org conversion project will at least put some local tradesmen to work.

If experience in the US can serve as a measure, the real thing that the people of Birmingham need to be warned about is not so much “brainwashing” as “wallet emptying”.

Once again, though, it’s obvious that before the Idle Org program is thrust upon the UK, that a serious and effective effort needs to be put into action to repair Scientology Inc’s crappy image.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. The Birmingham Mail article is an example of why Travolta couldn’t come out, even if he wanted to. Just about every news outlet uses Cruise and Travolta as a reference point for Scientology.


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Damian DeWitt  on May 20th, 2013

Since the Brimingham City Council has given go ahead for the Idle mOrgue my main question is:

What is the City of Birmingham going to do to protect its young people from being preyed on by Scientology’s front groups particularly Narconon, CCHR, Youth For Human Rights International, and The Way To Happiness International?

It is often overlooked that these orgs are centers of dissemination through presenting Scientology doctrine through lectures in schools on drugs and human rights.

Surely the National Health Service has an interest in protecting young people from Scientology’s misinformation.

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