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Want more results from your auditing? Try envisioning an Ideal Scene

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-climber-summit-image6728235I have noticed an interesting and subtle difference between preclears who seem to keep on winning after sessions and those who have wins but seem to slump into discouragement after a few days.

In both cases, the pcs are winning in session usually with great relief but there is a difference in how the two groups view the gains they experience. Preclears who have written up an ideal scene always have attention on the greatest obstacle to achieving their ideal scene when they come in to session. Thus, every session gets them closer to an identified ideal scene. Preclears who have not formulated an ideal scene for their lives come in to session with their attention on random irritations and upsets in life. When these are handled the pc feels relief, but later will originate that “they do not feel like they are getting anywhere”.

I have recently come to the conclusion that auditing without an ideal scene in mind is like driving without a destination. In either case, you can cover a lot of ground but without a destination in mind you will feel that you are not achieving anything.

For a look at creating an Ideal Scene, see my recent article:
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