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On the inefficacy of “The Way to Happiness” campaigns (Part 1)

The Viet Nam conflict was one of the first in which huge amounts of money were pumped by the US into psychological warfare.

The first photo is from an episode in the Military Channel documentary series History Exposed titled “Psy War”. It was taken outside the US facility in South Viet Nam and documents their claim about how many leaflets were printed and distributed in the Viet Nam conflict. The second photo is of an American C-47 Gooney Bird aircraft dumping some of those leaflets over Viet Nam.




Yes, that sign says 1,100,000,000. One billion, one hundred million leaflets.

That reminds me of Miscavige’s efforts to pave Colombia…and the world…with “The Way to Happiness” booklets.

You probably remember this chyron from the 2012 LRH Birthday event.


Yes, Miscavige claimed that there were 100,000,000…one hundred million…TWTH books “in public hands”. That, of course, is a LIE. It’s probably not even true that 100,000,000 TWTH booklets were “distributed”. It’s probably not even true that 100,000,000 TWTH booklets were printed and shipped. It’s probably closer to the truth that 100,000,000 TWTH booklets were paid for.

Scientology Inc has no way of knowing how many TWTH booklets are actually in someone’s hands.

In fact, if you look around venues where TWTH is being distributed, like the Glendale Mission, or the Olympics, or Colombia, it is easily seen that TWTH booklets don’t end up “in public hands”.

They actually end up “on public streets”, requiring the government to sweep them up and dispose of them. Unless the ones that ended up “in public hands” were directly deposited in trash bins and carted right to landfills.

More importantly, though, is that 100 million is nowhere near the 1.1 billion leaflets the US printed and used to litter Vietnam in the 60s.

Now, Vietnam is 331,211.6 square kilometers big, or 127,882 square miles. That means that the US put 8,600 leaflets on every square mile of Vietnam on average.

If we take the top 10 populated land masses in the world and add up their areas, we find those countries account for 28,484,393 square miles. So that means that Scientology Inc put 0.3511 TWTH booklets out per square mile by LRH’s birthday 2012.

That’s all a meaningless exercise with a calculator except for this one fact:

It is generally considered that the US lost the Viet Nam conflict.

Despite dumping 8600 leaflets per square mile in Viet Nam, the US still did not win the conflict.

To match the distribution rate of TWTH books in the world, Scientology Inc would have to distribute more than 244,965,779,800 of the tree-consuming, oxygen-robbing booklets. That’s 250 billion.

Or Scientology Inc would have to print and distribute about 2,500 times the amount of TWTH books that have already been distributed. That’s 25,000 years’ worth of TWTH production.

And, based on the Viet Nam results, Scientology Inc would still lose.

That’s “orders of magnitude” Davey.

And it’s an order of magnitude you will never attain.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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