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Miscavige’s Catch-22s

Warning: this post discusses the subject of insanity. If you find yourself spinning or disoriented, stop reading it and take a break, preferably by taking a walk outside where you can look at things. When you’re doing better, resume reading the article.

In the Joseph Heller book Catch-22, and the landmark 1970 film made from it, B-25 airman Captain John Yossarian discovers that continuing to fly dangerous cross-Mediterranean bombing missions is crazy.

The Catch-22 is that if he goes on the bombing missions he is crazy, but going on the bombing missions cannot be used as proof that can be used to give him a medical reason to not go on the bombing missions. Refusing to fly the missions will get him court-martialed and he loses his veteran’s benefits.

And asking to be grounded is actually considered proof that he isn’t crazy, so he can’t put in the paperwork for being crazy or for wanting to be grounded.

So Yossarian engages in a series of non sequitur behaviors designed to make the officers and doctors think he’s insane without him actually saying anything about he himself being insane or wanting to be grounded.

Miscavige has introduced the concept of Catch-22 into Scientology Inc.

● Going into the violence, slave labor, and imprisonment of the Sea Org is obviously insane. But the church doesn’t consider that wanting to go into the Sea Org is in itself proof that you’re insane enough not to be allowed into the Sea Org.

Staying in the violence, slave labor, and imprisonment of the Sea Org is obviously insane. But leaving the Sea Org is considered by the church to be more insane. So insane, in fact, that they want to stay connected to an ex-Sea Org member for the rest of his life by charging him a “freeloader debt” for out-tech services that means he can’t possibly pay, making it nearly impossible for an ex-Sea Org member to make it in life. But being a success in the Sea Org is impossible, so you can’t get out and you can’t stay in!

● Signing over to the Sea Org the life of a minor child who hasn’t even finished high school is obviously insane. The church not only doesn’t consider it insane enough to get you classified as irresponsible and psychotic, but will reward you by giving you a “pass” on other ethical lapses.

● The cornerstone book of Scientology is Dianetics, which describes the horrible insanity-inducing side effects of someone attempting to abort an unborn person. But if you’re a female in the Sea Org, you’re expected to abort your unborn person. Which not only restimulates the adverse side-effects of whole-track attempts to abort you but gives the thetan of the unborn person inside you an engram it will carry into subsequent lifetimes. Yet getting the abortion is enforced as it is considered the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

● Disassociating from a family member or close friend that the church has declared suppressive…even though they’re not suppressing you…is insane. However, the church considers it totally sane since it’s the “greatest good for the Scientology dynamic”. Refusal to disconnect from a person who is not making you roller-coaster immediately labels you as PTS and Suppressive. Which in itself is insane.

● Giving all of your money to the IAS is insane, because if you give all your money to the IAS means you can’t actually move up the Bridge yourself. (Heck, giving any money to the IAS is highly questionable.) But wanting to give all your money to the IAS is not proof that you’re insane enough to be declared a PTS Type Three (an institutional case) and therefore ensures you’re still qualified to join in and practice Scientology.

● Scientology Inc established a Golden Age of Tech which was supposed to make an army of perfect auditors. But LRH says that absolutes are unattainable. Yet Miscavige pushed all auditors and auditor trainees to attain absolute perfection. Anyone who’s been through the Golden Age of Tech knows not only that constant absolute perfection is unattainable, but that the technology used on the GAT is no guarantee of attaining constant, consistent perfection. When you finish your GAT training, you’re expected to be perfect, but the Qual terminals don’t drill you on what it takes to be perfect…since they don’t know…and their solution is to make you repeat the drill over and over again…guaranteeing your imperfection. And there’s still no army of perfect auditors!

● If you put all your retirement funds on the Bridge or give them all to the IAS in the hope that “things will undoubtedly get better” that’s obviously insane, given Scientology Inc’s track record of failing to “make things better”. But it’s apparently not enough insanity to get you classified as a “gambler”, which LRH clearly says is a state of psychosis in Expanded Dianetics Series 22. In fact, if you give all your money to the IAS, it qualifies you to be rushed up to OT VIII. At least until you run out of money.

● If it comes up on your PTS interview that you’re PTS to Miscavige, you know that per the PTS materials that you need to handle Miscavige or disconnect from Miscavige. But Miscavige can’t be “handled”. So you have to disconnect. But wanting to disconnect from Miscavige because he’s your PTS item will get you declared or programmed for an endless series of expensive sec checks. And wanting to quit the church and get your money back will get you declared. So your only choice is to stay in the PTS situation and spend money not getting up the Bridge. Which itself is insane.

● If you see the evils, criminality and fraud in Scientology Inc, and don’t say anything about it or do anything about it, that’s obviously insane! It’s certainly not the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics! But if you pretend to see nothing, and if you say nothing, then Scientology Inc considers you sane and eligible to be a Scientologist. Saying that you’ve observed something bad about Scientology Inc or Miscavige or Miscavige’s programs is proof you’re insane and therefore don’t qualify to be a Scientologist.

All Catch-22’s .

If you read Heller’s book, or saw the movie, you know that the Catch-22s are insanities in themselves.

Welcome to Scientology Inc. The church of self-perpetuating insanities.

Are there other Catch-22s in Scientology Inc that I missed?

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Hazel  on May 26th, 2013

A wise friend of mine once described our world on staff within the church as , “Either way you bend, you’re FU—D”.
Catch 22…
I finally learned out to outsmart.

D'Anne  on May 27th, 2013

An OT is supposed to be cause over matter, energy, space, time, and mental matter. but the OTs that I have witnessed don’t come anywhere close to that description…most of the ones that I know are broke, can’t handle their own MEST world and make stupid decisions like being executives at a so-called Ideal Org. Yet they don’t notice that their OTness isn’t working. Or if they notice it and complain about it, they’re dragged in for hundreds of thousands of dollars of repairs of their OTness, which seems to last only until they get off the ship. And yet they STILL put more money into the IAS. And the money they give doesn’t result in better tech or more OTs matching the description or church expansion. The more money they pump in, the less the world concludes they’re OT. Sounds nuts as hell to me.

PlainOldThetan  on May 27th, 2013

Yeah. And going up the Bridge is supposed to improve your knowingness and perception and ability to communicate. But the dedicated in-church OTs apparently aren’t perceptive enough to see that the Ideal Org strategy isn’t working, and if they communicate about it the church punishes them with tens of thousands of dollars of Sec Checks or ejects them outright.

David Cooke  on May 27th, 2013

Going up the Bridge (for real, I mean) increases a person’s self-determinism and their confidence in their own knowingness. For example, LRH expected pcs to become less and less dependent on metering as their confront and perception of their own case improved. Sanity is the ability to change one’s own mind. But in Miscavige’s church any self-determinism is likely to be called insanity, and pcs are made more and more dependent on evaluation from meter, auditor, C/S and COB. If someone believes they’re Clear, that’s likely to be called an aberration.

The “lazy gene” infects Scientology Inc  on June 1st, 2013

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