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What is the “Desert Laboratory”?

Apparently, the Phoenix Idle Org is still desperate and straining to get the promised dissemination campaign from Scientology Inc.

This lame piece of promo was sent out this week to Phoenix’s mailing list.

Can you find the typographical errors in it?




It’s pretty lame to send out a promo piece that says “You need to know one important fact”, followed by a numbered list of eight “important facts”.

It’s also pretty lame to send out a promo piece with typographical errors in it. Especially for an organization that claims to make superliterates.

Who cares if LRH said in HCO PL 21 November 1968 I SENIOR POLICY “We always deliver what we promise”? Or that he wrote in The Way To Happiness precept 6 when he said “Set a good example”?

Amid all the fine print and verbosity, the promo piece doesn’t seem to answer what LRH said are things required of an ad in HCO PL 26 September 1979 III COPYWRITING What is this service? How valuable is it? What does it do? How easy would it be for me to do it? How much does it cost? How do I get it? Where?

After all, the ad promises that you can “own a piece of history”. Heck, I picked up a used newspaper on a bus a few days ago and took it home. Now I “own a piece of history”. It’s just a piece of history that no one…including me…thinks is valuable.

And it’s pretty obvious that the ad wasn’t surveyed to find out what people would respond to. Like “Do you believe what Scientology Inc is promising in this ad”?
“Do you want people to be subjected to the Church of Scientology Inc’s “Desert Laboratory”?

What?!? No?!?

The promise of launching a huge dissemination campaign to drive floods of business in on the Phoenix Org is hanging fire, because the Phoenix Idle Org…heck, all of Scientology…can’t sell 500 commemorative Phoenix leatherbound Dianetics books.

How many more copies of the book have to be sold to meet the target and actually launch the “dissemination campaign”?

The promo piece doesn’t tell us.

Actually, the seemingly never-ending stream of leatherbound promo pieces pouring out of the Phoenix Ideal Org never tells us what’s been done and how far there is to go.

Even in that horrible time-wasting old wog game of football, the announcers are obsessed with what yard-line the ball is on and how many yards are needed for a first down. The field officials are always marking where the ball is and how much farther there is to go.

But no. In Scientology Inc, there’s always a vague promise of delivery accompanied by an absence of information about how much has been done toward that target and a lack of data about how far there is to go. There’s a palpable odor of “we’re going to keep advertising and pushing and selling this item until Miscavige has slushed enough funds from it”.

Until the Phoenicians catch on and refuse to play Miscavige’s stupid little game.

Or maybe they already have.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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DeElizabethan  on June 2nd, 2013

Hope they hurry up and get out of that stupid, evil game!

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