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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

June 1 2013, The day Portland saves the world

Given these e-mail promo pieces, we presume the Portland Org’s grand opening was such a success that it’s only milliseconds until Scientology Inc splatters its unassailable influence across the face of the universe.

When Scientology Inc says “A history that nobody has ever heard” I ask myself: “Is it possible nobody has ever heard it because Miscavige and Sherman made it up the week before the Portland Ideal Org Grand Opening”?

Remember how much prevarication appeared in the 16-volume LRH Series volumes? About 16 volumes’ worth!

 Is the reason that jack-booted OSA thugs were chasing people with video cameras off the roofs of accompanying buildings during Miscavige’s Portland talk doing so because it would be just one more chance to prove that Miscavige is a big ol’ fat freakin’ liar? That he lives in a house of cards created by his own delusions?



 (No, you don’t have double vision. One of the mottos of Scientology Inc is: “if a piece of bilous promo is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing”. One piece is for ASHO, one is for Phoenix.)



 The red-white-blue motif suggests somehow that “freedom” is the order of the day. And the silhouette of a bird is supposed to suggest that, too.

Yeah, right.

The “freedom” of working your ass off past retirement because you gave your retirement money to the Church of Scientology Inc while not moving up the Bridge.

The emblem in the center of the promo piece is also patently a rip of the Girl Scouts logo.



And the piece seems to be titled “Winning”.

Yeah, right. Wasn’t “winning” Charlie Sheen’s mantra as he was losing?

And “winning” suggests that the winning is going on currently, whereas the Portland win was in…gasp…1985! (That’s 28 years ago, Davey.)

LRH said in PAB 17 that PSYCHOTIC is an avoidance of both the future and present time and a shift into the past. We already know that Miscavige is psychotic, so it would follow that he would fixedly dwell on the past.

Even Miscavige’s OCD about Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun is evidence of a fixation on the past and an unwillingness to deal with the present or future.


That’s liberty, isn’t it?

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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@richardgrant  on May 31st, 2013

Great finds! Thanks for sharing them.

If this were all about something more benign, you could easily regard these antics as a strange case of self-parody. But of course real people are being hurt and exploited by this insane organization, so it’s kinda hard to laugh.

D'Anne  on May 31st, 2013

Thank you! It IS insane. And the fact that those still inside the cult are refusing to look makes it even MORE insane.

When you bring all the pieces to the light of day it is truly astonishing to watch the lies.

Thank you again for your terrific reporting.

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