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Where did the Senior C/S Int Bulletins go?

When I got into Scientology this lifetime in the mid ‘80s, Senior C/S Int bulletins were the way that technical issues were handled administratively in the Church of Scientology.

This is a scan of Senior C/S Int issue 1R.

It contains several points of note.



● The original issued date is 19 December 1982.  That’s two months after the ill-considered Miscavige-run mass mission holder declare meeting in October 1982.

I think that’s not a coincidence.

● The inception of Senior C/S Int Bulletins notes that “These bulletins are not BPI. [Broad Public Issue] They are distributed only to technical personnel in Orgs and Missions.”

In a very Scientology Inc way, what the sentence doesn’t say is very important. The Senior C/S Int bulletins promise to rein-in out-tech, yet the Almighty church didn’t care to standardize the tech of field auditors, or even keep field auditors informed as to what technical situations had arisen that should be watched for.

In other words, if a field auditor was…even inadvertently…doing something that the Almighty church considered was out-tech, field auditors were going to be kept from learning about it. This would make the field auditor subject to savage discipline, capricious application of ethics, and rapid declare.

● Making the SCIBs “not BPI” begins a new phase of paranoiac secrecy inside the Almighty church.

After all, with Miscavige’s obsessed fixation on his image and the church’s image, we can’t go spreading around printed issues that demonstrate, in writing, that out-tech situations exist in the church.

● The obvious effort back of the issuance of Senior C/S Int bulletins was to guarantee that the Almighty church could claim that Standard Tech was only delivered in Missions and Orgs, and never by field auditors. This intermeshes directly with Miscavige’s move on the Mission Holders in 1982.

So we see that the move to Miscavology started long before 2005, 2007 or 2009.

And the exclusion of field auditors from the distribution list guaranteed one thing: that the Scientology field would shrink. In fact, it would shrink auditing to the immediate vicinity of Orgs (and not even Missions).

By shrinking the Scientology field, the number of field auditors shrank, and the pool of auditors that could be used to recruit auditors for Mission and Org staff was decimated.

Remember that the thrust of Miscavige’s move on the Mission Holders was to “fix the problem” of Missions “making too much money”, thus depriving Orgs and SHs, and AOs and Flag of the lucrative income to be made from affluent parishioners. Well, he fixed that “problem”.

And the end result, after thirty years, is an emaciated parishioner base, flatlined stats, ever-growing disaffection, service replaced by donation-tech, horrible PR, and empty orgs.

Way to go, Neutron Dave.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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