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Miscavige’s OT VIII/Idle Org Hustle

In the turbulence following the Portland grand opening, Mark Bunker had a rather awkward conversation with the Executive Director of the Portland Idle Org, OT VIII Gwen Barnard.

Now, I have to say that for part of this conversation that Mark got his back story wrong.

I don’t know when the operating basis changed, or even if it was originally different, but CSI does not own the Phoenix Org building.

The way the Phoenix Idle Org building was “obtained” went like this:

(I already covered the Phoenix acquisition scammery here and here and here. But I’ll summarize it here for newcomers.)

● a California real estate holding company purchased the mortgage note for the Phoenix Org building on speculation for ten cents on the dollar, because the building was mostly empty and the few tenants remaining were hideously behind on their rent. The holding company was in the pocket of CSI, partly as a blind to ensure that the property price didn’t get jacked up when it was discovered that CSI was interested in the building. (That’s a tactic that CSI used when buying up Clearwater, for the same reason.)

● meanwhile, the dog-and-pony shows to “raise money” for the purchase of the building were performed in Tucson and Phoenix. The money went to the IAS, not to the “Church of Scientology of Arizona Building Fund” or some other accountable, traceable agency.

● when the California real estate holding company foreclosed on the property and ejected the tenants, a mock auction was held to sell the mortgage paper at the 1/10 value. The only bidder was BMS, Building Management Services, a wholly camouflaged subsidiary of CSI.

● BMS held on to the property during the renovations, paying the taxes, insurance, and utilities. And ignoring the landscaping.

one week before the Phoenix Idyllic Org grand opening, a quit claim deed was signed by BMS turning the Phoenix Idyllic Org building over to the corporation “Church of Scientology of Arizona, Inc”.

This stuff is all visible and is on file with the state of Arizona and is accessible online.

What’s invisible is if the CofS of Arizona pays rent or any sort of stipend (such as increased tithes) to CSI or BMS. The paperwork doesn’t have to show that, and it doesn’t.

Anyway, watch the interchange between Bunker and Barnard.

Barnard is, after all, and OT VIII, and  qualified for the job as Executive Director partly because she’s an OT VIII.

In Miscavige’s world, OT VIIIs have proven something to him that makes them valuable to him.

OT VIIIs have not as a group proven they can be successful Scientology administrators, so they as a group could not have proven that to Miscavige.  (Remember what happened to poor OT VIII John Woodruff when he was “relocated” from Orange County Org to LA Org and failed miserably? I’m sure Miscavige does.)

If they’ve persisted all the way to OT VIII, it doesn’t mean they have intimate knowledge of LRH and followed it meticulously, because making it to OT VIII means they followed “command intention” and did whatever the COB wanted, whether it was off-policy or against LRH or not.

What they have proven to him is that they’ll stand around Miscavige and cheer and laud him no matter what stupid loser thing he does. 

What that proves to Miscavige is that once ensconced as org executives they won’t betray him and tell the rest of the parishioners and the press that the Ideal Org “program” is a big ol’ fat freakin’ failure. 

But more importantly, Gwen Barnard is an untrained OT VIII.

What I mean by “untrained” is…she isn’t an interned auditor.  

And she’s a horrible example of what an OT VIII is expected to be in the public’s mind.

She’s a petulant frightened uninformed little name-caller.

Hardly what one aspires to when one strives to reach the exalted rank of OT VIII.

Likewise, so much for The Way To Happiness precept 6: Set a good example.

And once again we have Miscavige to blame for this recorded inept interchange.

A big part of Miscavige’s grand Ideal Org hustle is to only use OT VIIIs as the executives at Idle Orgs.

Remembering that most people who made it to OT VIII only did so because they had money and not because they trained as auditors, we see the end result of sending an untrained person up the Bridge to OT VIII.

For example, one Idle Org’s ED only made it to OT VIII because she sucked her husband’s business dry before he died,  and offloaded her kid to the Sea Org. Yeah. That’s ethical.

But  Gwen Barnard is just an insecure unconfident nervous person who doesn’t know the law (trying to chase Bunker off the sidewalk) or even how her own org came to exist.

That’s because this dedicated all-powerful super-able OT VIII Scientologist only listens, and doesn’t look.


And, for all you who are considering joining staff at an Idle Org, remember that the executives at those Ideal Orgs are those people who made it to OT VIII and have nowhere to go on the Bridge and who have nothing better to do that to have their anchor points driven in by Miscavige and his minions.

That’s yet another mechanism by which OTs are being destroyed by Miscavige.

But it also tells potential staff recruits that there’s no way to study and work hard and be promoted above a certain level at Idyllic Orgs. That can’t happen in Miscavige’s church. It would be like…rewarding an able upstat!

Miscavige has built in a “glass ceiling” for all Idle Org staff. And it’s double-glazed.

Because once you join staff at an Idle Org, there’s no way to get the auditing you need to make it to Clear.

And there’s  certainly no way to make enough money to buy your way Clear, much less go OT VIII.

And even if you by some cosmic fluke managed to make your Org Saint Hill sized, there’s no Universe Corps anymore to get you over the hump. There’s not even room on the floor plans for a Universe Corps space! It’s like (gasp!) someone’s postulating that Idle Org staff won’t go to Clear and beyond! It’s (gasp) like someone’s postulating that Idle Orgs won’t go to Saint Hill size!

When you’re spending all your non-post time moonlighting, there’s no way you can get enough honest-to-god training to be promoted anyway.

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Week

Don’t join staff at an Ideal Org.

Don’t quit your job to join staff at an Ideal Org.

Don’t move to a city where you don’t have a decent job in order to join staff at an Ideal Org.

If you’re already on staff at an Ideal Org try to get off staff as soon as you can, because you can’t go up. You can either stay stuck where you are, or go down with the ship.

Don’t “re-up”, and don’t let anyone talk you into staying past your contracted date.

Don’t let them intimidate you into staying past your contracted date because “you have to replace yourself” or “you have to have a sec check and we’ve got no auditors to give you one”.

After all, you were smart enough to only sign up for 2 1/2 years, right?

If you signed up early on at a place like Dallas or Pasadena, your indentured servitude is over already. Take the opportunity to leave.

If you were naïve enough to sign up at Orange County or Phoenix, you only have to stick it out for another year or year and a half.

If you need to figure out how to get out sooner, rent copies of The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and The Great Escape (1963), watch them closely, and take notes.

Good luck.

Miscavige’s fix is in.

It only remains for you to get out.

— written by Plain Old Thetan          

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dan351  on June 5th, 2013

Why would the ED of an org go out and talk to Mark Bunker?

Surely with all the OSA people around Portland that day, she knows who he is. Wouldn’t she get in trouble? I’d think a DSA or OSA person would be talking to him.

Also,Gwen the ED says nothing that sounds like Scientology. She seems to be playing the role of a victim of religious persecution. Or maybe that is her social veneer and she has her own unspoken doubts which she would love to voice to someone. I was in that situation at one time.

On the other hand, Mark Bunker sounds like an Ethics Officer pulling a string of outpoints to find the why of a bad situation. He’s got a good comm cycle and uses the ARC triangle (whether he knows it or not). Also,he suggests using some Scientology ideas like “look don’t listen” and expresses interest in the subject.

Bruce Pratt  on June 5th, 2013

The ED must handle? No one posted for this? Hmmm.

I was struck by the accusation of thought crimes.

Axiom  on June 5th, 2013

I am really not detecting any high levels of ARC from Gwen. But then again, I was on staff at LA Org when John Woodfuff was ED. There did not seem to be a whole lot of theta there either. He was way too “GI Happy” and always seemed to be running around trying to handle refund cycles with PR.

Mark may be full of prunes but she is so full of Kool-Aid she could be swimming in it. Why can’t she just get in comm with Mark? How hard is that? Looks to me that Mark’s TR’s are a whole lot better then Gwen’s.

PlainOldThetan  on June 5th, 2013

Dan351: at the beginning of the video, Bunker says the exchange occurred the day AFTER the Portland grand opening. I’d say that the Church sent the OSAs, DSAs, PIs and DoucheBags off to the next nest of SPs needing intimindation within hours after the Portland Grand Opening event had stopped and Miscavige had escaped in his bulletproof van. So no one was there to help Gwen.

Bruce: Gwen has gotten credit for being an OSA spinmeister in previous Portland coverage (http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/04/04/church-sells-idle-org-building/). She’s also gotten credit for being a “community affairs spokeshole” (http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2010/06/the_church_of_scientology_of_p.html). Both sound like the kind of church posts where one is supposedly expected to confront, handle, and shatter suppression. Perhaps she left her post empty and didn’t replace herself when given the job of ED.

Axiom: That’s right. No ARC, no TRs, no confidence, no composure, no information, no altitude. Like I said, untrained. She didn’t get in comm with Mark because she knew she couldn’t confuse the issue with data or facts; she had none. Mark knows when he’s engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.

Besides, Gwen was being an obedient conformant Scientologist and being petrified by fear in the face of the horrible awful drooling-venom-at-the-mouth SP Mark Bunker.

I can just see Miscavige having to go to Portland and “handle” Gwen. The same way Patton handled the coward in the movie.

Rine  on June 6th, 2013

Since I don’t know this Gwen woman and just found out she’s OTVIII, I completely agree that she’s just a plain bad example of what that level thetan should be. It’s just common sense. I’m a level 0 auditor and not even an intern. But based on the basic data I have I know one would expect presence, huge ARC, understanding and she should have had a nice laugh about the whole thing. I’ve noticed, actually, this trademark lack of a sense of humor in many Scientoligists on upper levels. Any kind of take on “the lighter side of” is considered suppresive. Many scientologists dont realize thats one big turn off for the general public because prople cannot connect with you properly. It is customary in many cultures to make a little or a lot of fun about life’s tragedies.

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