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On Wasting the Willingness of Scientology Parishioners

Plain Old Thetan serves up another gem after studying one of Ron’s early lectures.  He reveals the secret of the expansion of Independent Scientology and the decline of the cult of Scientology.

You are increasing in the preclear, then, only one thing… his willingness to play the game.

On Wasting the Willingness of Scientology Parishioners

I was studying the 4th London ACC last week and during the lecture 3 October 1955 FUNDAMENTALS OF SCIENTOLOGY AND RUDIMENTS OF AUDITING, I came across this passage:

“And that’s the only thing an auditor has to work with — the willingness of the preclear. And where he loses that, he loses the only goal there is in this universe. This is so much the case and is so easily forgotten that governments fail, revolutions take place, worlds end, and they end simply because they forgot that the only thing there was present, in the first place, was willingness to play a game.”

“That’s the only thing was there. That’s the only thing you can tax, the only thing you can stop. There’s nothing else to tax or stop or turn upside down or throw away but willingness to play the game. It’s the only reason a job gets done. A job never gets done because somebody’s standing there with a whip. That whip isn’t driving anybody into the execution of a job. It is simply extracting the remaining atoms of willingness. And these can be so slight as to turn around the other way and become a willingness to destroy. And so we have a Christian revolution in the Roman Empire.”

“The willingness to work becomes only a willingness to succumb. The only thing that any nation can tax, that any group can exist on, is the willingness to play the game, to do, to survive, to continue on. Now that, by the way, doesn’t just apply to auditing. It’s a terrifically, fantastically important principle. When this gets forgotten, auditing sessions stop. But also, when it gets forgotten, groups break up. And also, when it gets forgotten, governments come to an end. And they begin to have to pass law after law and punishment after punishment and upset after upset. And they even get out to a point where they will practically slaughter the entire population in an effort to get that one last drop of willingness. There was a little baby that lived over on Palace Court that was still willing to smile when you rattled a rattle at him. Well, they just had to shoot him up, that’s all, to get that last item. Get the idea?”

“You are increasing in the preclear, then, only one thing. You aren’t increasing his ability to exteriorize. You aren’t increasing his ability to play tricks. You aren’t increasing his ability to think faster or forget more quickly. You’re simply increasing his willingness to play the game.”

“And when you decrease his willingness to play the game called auditing, don’t think, then, that any process will ever carry you through into increasing his willingness to play the game called life! He must always audit better than he can live. Or he won’t live better than he can audit or be audited. Do you follow me?”

“The increase of willingness to play the game in session is very marked: the person simply looks brighter, is less easily stopped, can outflow better.”

“Now quite an interesting thing can occur with a preclear — something that is fabulously important to us — is that we can run a session, see the preclear getting brighter and brighter and brighter. It’s only important because it’s something you can observe directly. We run the session, the preclear is getting brighter and brighter, they are more vivacious, they are talking better, they are acting more alert.”

“And what’s very, very interesting is, is that our auditing has to be so much better in terms of life than life itself.”

This reminded me to think of Scientology as a game. And that the Church Of Scientology is no longer the game postulated and orchestrated by Ron in 1955.

I pulled out my Tech Dictionary to remind myself what a game is:

GAME, 1. any state of beingness wherein exist awareness, problems, havingness and freedom (separateness) each in some degree. (PAB 73) 2. a contest of person against person, or team against team. (PAB 84) 3. all games are continuing by definition, since an unstarted game isn’t a game and a finished game isn’t a game. (PAB 101) 4. a game consists of freedoms, barriers, and purposes. (POW)

Not by coincidence, next to the definition of GAME was another definition:

GAMES CONDITION, 1. when you say games condition you mean that somebody’s power of choice has been subjugated against his will into a fixated activity from which he must not take his attention. (6107C20) 2. the word games condition is a derogatory actually. There is a technical thing goes along. When you say games condition you mean a package, and the package has to do with this: It means a fixated attention, an inability to escape coupled with an inability to attack, to the exclusion of other games. There is nothing wrong with having games. There is a lot wrong with being in a games condition because it is unknown, it is an aberrated activity, it is reactive, and one is performing it way outside of his power of choice and without his consent or will. (6107C20) 3. have for self and can’t have for others; now that is a true games condition. (6107C20) Abbr. G.C.

Aha! Scientology was a game under LRH. But under the current command, it’s turned into a games condition.

And when it turned into a games condition, it ceased to be fun.

And when it ceased to be fun, it became serious, and the willingness of the intelligent, perceptive, aware parishioners vanished.

And the revolution began.

Lo! Then the Miscavige looked over all he had made, and he saw that the people were saying it was very rotten. And he sent forth more messengers to extract more money during the shearing of the sheep before the sheep figured it out. (Apologies to the author of Genesis.)

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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John Doe  on November 21st, 2010

That says it all.

It also provides a map of sorts to explain and direct the independent movement going forward.

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