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Paris Jackson recovering after suicide attempt

parisjackson_On 31 January 2013 I wrote a post describing how to help someone who was trying to block troublesome memories. The post was prompted because the stories in the press about Paris Jackson’s unshakable intrusive memories were ruining her life. I wrote the outline of a program to help Paris without hypnosis or drugs.

She didn’t take me up on it.

Instead, today, the newsfeed tells me that Paris is recovering from an “apparent” suicide attempt. (1)(2) (3)

When I predict problems, I really don’t take any pleasure in being right.

In Paris’ case, the apparent drug use coupled with self-inflicted injuries and a trip to the hospital which undoubtedly put her on (more) psychiatric drugs has only over-complicated the situation. The engrams introduced by the drugs and injuries will only serve to further hinder access to the underlying engrams I discussed in the January post.

She has my postulates for a rapid recovery, and that someone can find her help that means she won’t exit this life the same as her father.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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