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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

What is Independent Scientology auditing like?

People ask me what Independent Scientology auditing is like? Is it Standard Tech? Is it delivered by qualified auditors? How does it compare to church auditing?

The simplest answer I can give them is that it is like what used to be delivered in the CofS a very long time ago.

It is auditing delivered to benefit the preclear and give him abilities beyond his fondest expectations. It has nothing in common with the invalidation of case that occurs daily in the Church of Miscavige.

It is recognizing when a floating needle occurs. It is recognizing when a process is complete and when preclear has gone Clear. It is a matter of letting the preclear attest to states he has achieved and then handling the next thing he wants handled.

The auditing is first and foremost for the PRECLEAR and this increases his willingness to play the game of life.

It’s not hard to do actually. One merely follows the Auditor’s Code and uses whatever aspects of Standard Tech apply to this particular preclear at this point in his auditing.

LRH and those who did research with him in the early years uncovered a wealth of processes which did not all make it on to the Grade Chart. Some of those processes are just what a particular PC may need, especially those who have been mishandled by the church of Miscavige.

Those early years were also characterized by a compassion for preclears and for the auditors who did their best to help those they audited.

My own experiences showed me that the technical staff really cared about my welfare and if mistakes were made, they were swiftly corrected. I learned that these caring people really listened to what I said and duplicated my concerns.

They also had an unflinching ability to get to the heart of any out-ethics situation and could help me set it right without making me wrong. They set an example of how one could deal with life’s problems using the ethics conditions and the ARC and KRC triangles.

When these people were declared to be Suppressives after all the good they had done for me, it shook my stable data and Scientology never seemed to be as safe afterward. Now that it has become the church of Miscavige, it is no longer safe for anyone.

It took years of observing the robotic misapplication of policy by Sea Org people before I began to wake up to the fact that the church had become a suppressive environment for staff and public.

In the CofS today, you are clear only as long as David Miscavige decides you are. You are forced to redo processes and entire grades because some untrained Sea Org member decides that you need to contribute more money to Int Management. If you are a past life clear, you are in deep trouble as David Miscavige has decreed that there are no such states. If you dare to query any of these things you will be hit with many hours of security checking until you become an obedient church member again.

As a result, I am seeing more inquiries every month from people whose cases have been roughed up by the Church of Miscavige. In their very first sessions, new preclears feel a resurgence of their confidence as the abuse and invalidation from the church is run out.

When they realize that our programs are tailor made to address those things they have always wanted to handle in the order they want to handle them, they regain the excitement they had when they first heard of Scientology.

It doesn’t take huge buildings or uniformed staff to free people from the traps of the past. It takes caring auditors who understand the expectations of their preclears and do whatever it takes to see that those expectations are met.

Sometimes the preclear will have to be brought up through the conditions and be word cleared to the point where he can benefit from auditing. Setting that preclear’s expectations can be a challenge, but given enough time, anything can be acomplished.

In an independent practice, standard technology is used for the benefit of the preclear and is free of the arbitraries that have been imposed by the Church of Miscavige. As a result, preclears of independent Scientology auditors are winning every day.

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Centurion  on November 27th, 2010

Awesome David!!!

As one of your former PC’s I can tell you that once I left your Mission, I rarely had the gains uplines, that I had there. So, with firsthand experience, I know you are telling the absolute truth.

Congratulations on your noble mission to create Clears and OT’s.


Watchful Navigator  on November 30th, 2010

Those in remote locations or with limited resources should note that solo auditing is also an option. There are many in the Independent field who are fully qualified and willing to help you through. I cannot say enough for it, or thank my C/S enough. My life has completely turned around.

I started all by myself having not that much training and still was able to handle my out-Int and its migraine headaches. Then with the help of a remote C/S, we handled all those wrong indications dealing with the modern “church” with all their attendant misery, all using standard tech audited solo.

I learned to care for myself and without even consciously following them, brought myself totally out of lower conditions on my 1st dynamic and put myself at real cause in life.

If you don’t have a meter you can start with Self-Analysis/Handbook For Preclears or even Pilot’s “Self-Clearing” on the Freezone if you can’t find a co-audit twin. Of course, standard tech auditing from a field professional is fantastic, and the recommended route. Don’t short-change yourself if you can afford the best.

But whatever, remember that any auditing is better than no auditing – may go a bit slower, but well – just do it. Get in session or put yourself in session. Be easy on yourself, learn from your mistakes, study hard and carry on until you are consistently F/Ning and winning in life.

You’ll be glad you did.

Savant  on September 5th, 2015

How can I learn how to solo audit without joining Scientology? Can instructional books and videos on this be purchased for this without membership?

OldAuditor  on September 5th, 2015

The best independent spiritual counseling available at this time can be seen at http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/

It is far more powerful than the Scientology OT levels and you can be in session in a few days after reading Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology. http://www.amazon.com/Introducing-Spiritual-Rescue-Technology-Practical/dp/1512027227

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