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Another day in delusionville: Senior C/S Int Bulletin 165-16

Here’s a copy of Senior C/S Int Bulletin 165-16, dated 1 May 1996.

High-res scans of the pages can be obtained by clicking through the thumbnails below.




It’s one of the 2-inch thick set of bulletins that accompanied the release of the Golden Age of Tech.

You can’t tell it from just looking at it, but this was about a month before the Senior C/S Int bulletins disappeared in June 1996.

In other words, in the arrogance of Miscavige, the issuance of the Golden Age of Tech was “proof” that technical situations needing to be addressed administratively in the church had all been handled and would never ever ever happen again.


You’ll note from this bulletin that the person who signed off on it was SENIOR C/S INTERNATIONAL. No name, no initials. No nuthin’.

The copy of Senior C/S Int Bulletin 1R I posted last week has several sign-offs, by real persons, with real names.

That means that in fourteen years, the technical hierarchy of the church had been decimated to a cadre of nameless, faceless drones.

But take a further look at this bulletin.

It doesn’t really address a technical situation. After all,  purportedly all technical situations had been found, corrected, addressed, and eliminated through the issuance of the Golden Age of Tech.

It addresses an administrative situation. Not recruiting enough auditors is an administrative situation. As it turns out, it’s also a PR situation.The situation was that orgs had not been recruiting onto the Technical Training Corps and been making auditors…in volume.


More horse-hockey.

Like the “situation found” in the GAT,  saying that “the staff didn’t want auditors” would have been found to be totally invalidative and false, if the church had checked.

So the solution is clear.

Presume that Org staffs don’t want to make auditors. Then yell at, upbraid, dress down, deride, and embarrass the staff about their not wanting to make auditors.

Yep, that’ll fix it.

That’s the way we fix things in the Sea Org, after all.

After all, LRH says in HCO PL 7 Aug 1976 I Esto Series 31 that the key phrase for any product officer is WANT, GET, AND NAME YOUR PRODUCT.

No, wait. In that issue he says the key phrase for any product officer is NAME, WANT, AND GET YOUR PRODUCT.


When you see a staff whirling around and dashing into walls and each other and not producing a thing, calmly try to find out if any of them or their product officer can NAME what products they are trying to produce. Chances are, few of them can and maybe the product officer as well.

Well, even in 1996, the Valuable Final Product of Div 1 should have been PRODUCTIVE, WELL-PAID STAFF. But in an environment like that of Scientology Inc, where the production is so low that staff don’t get paid enough to buy a Big Mac once a week, the notion of adding staff to an already strained Financial Plan is something that staff don’t want.

So while this cookie-cutter issue and its accompanying program are apparently on policy and should work, the problem is: omitted scene. It doesn’t take into account that there’s not enough preclears to audit for cash and there’s not enough cash to pay auditors to audit the staff.

In other words, it’s totally out-sequence.

So the product line has to be debugged before deluding yourself into thinking this simplistic four-page issue can fix anything.

The other thing about this issue is that it depends on MAGIC.

There’s the MAGIC of the staff MAGICALLY just WANTING to be bypassed by management and WANTING a full TTC.

There’s the MAGIC of applying an untested, unpiloted program to a problem and just having it MAGICALLY work.

There’s the MAGIC of unprocessed, unaudited staff MAGICALLY having ABSOLUTELY NO COUNTER-INTENTION on this program working.

There’s the MAGIC of people who used to want to audit MAGICALLY seeing it as their indentured duty to re-up and sign up for an untested, unpiloted GAT training line-up.

There’s the MAGIC of people at the Int Event when the GAT was released claiming they MAGICALLY trained to Class IV interned in four months at Flag. (Remember the little girl that got up and attested to that at the event? Where is she now?)

There’s the MAGIC of invalidating staff…which MAGICALLY didn’t make the staff resentful…for having a nonstandard academy with nonstandard supervision that MAGICALLY went away on 1 May 1996. (The business of rounding up gullible staff and MAGICALLY forcing them to Flag supposedly creating an unstoppable cadre of standard supervisors was its own problem which only resulted in PUBLIC BEING ARC BROKEN BY SUPERVISORS WHO HAS LOST THE ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE.)

There’s the MAGIC of having people on staff for years without auditing MAGICALLY suddenly believing that the staff staff auditors won’t be ripped off for paying pcs in the HGC at the drop of a hat.

There’s the MAGIC of the staff believing that the Golden Age of Tech solves all problems MAGICALLY without the staff having seen it in action.’Cuz we said so.

There’s the MAGIC that the org will become Saint Hill size because of the Golden Age of Tech, when the emphasis has carefully not been on Saint Hill sized orgs for over the previous eight years.

There’s the MAGIC of “if you want something hard enough, you’ll MAGICALLY get it”. Like your backlogged staff pay.

There’s the MAGIC of “if you just realize that your org’s reason for existing is to free beings” all the stops will MAGICALLY blow and your Academy and TTC will be flooded.

There’s the MAGIC of “if we can just sneak it past the auditor trainees that we just totally changed the game, extended training time by 1000%, and can do it any time we want, without testing, piloting, or surveying” MAGICALLY erasing all wariness the staff and public have about the church ever doing this again and flooding the Academy and TTC.

There’s the MAGIC of “if we work to destroy the missions and field auditors, the Org staff will want to train auditors” MAGICALLY going unnoticed by the staff.

There’s the MAGIC of “our programs making flubless auditors” MAGICALLY working in an environment where the church has eliminated marketing programs for books.

There’s the MAGIC of people wanting to get back on course and working hard auditing each other and staff and paying public MAGICALLY for no pay.

There’s the MAGIC of recovering blown students, blown staff, and blown preclears using the “Golden Age of Tech recovery drills” when you’ve tried that and it’s failed 100% of the time, instead of MAGICALLY working 100% of the time.

There’s the MAGIC of having a Cleared Planet when MAGICALLY believing the cookie-cutter program attached to this issue MAGICALLY works 100% reliably 100% of the time, just like stacking one child’s wooden block on top of another.


There’s so much MAGIC and MYSTICISM in Scientology Inc it’s amazing that anyone has the nerve to suggest that it’s not a religion!

Take a look at what’s actually happened over the past 17 years.

No booming TTCs. No boom of auditors. No Cleared Planet. Org staff quicksilvered onto sales and donation posts. No Saint Hill sized Orgs. No 70x expansion.

Look at this issue and go down it, point by point, and check off the promises that haven’t been delivered on.

And it’s all your fault, you lazy, good-for-nothing, shiftless, counter-intentioned, underpaid, overworked, thankless org staff members, you.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Rine  on June 10th, 2013

To me this is one of the best posts you have written. Its very real to me as I was a TTC but got into trouble for protesting about little nuances such as: lack of enough sleep, no time to e exercise, having to be closed up in the Org all day long because beside studying there was: writting letters at 10:30 PM or having to read these bulletins on “breaks” or maybe while in the bathroom… because we were rushed to do so and do a write up about them, about our cognitions on it.
TTCs were constantly stopped or diverted towards other non productive activities, they were tired and fed up!

Elliot McMann  on June 10th, 2013

“Do the things that won before, not new things untried.” In the late 60′s and early 70′s at my local org, nearly every staff member was on auditor training after their first few months. Once trained as auditors they simply co-audited. And the time off post they spent on auditor (not post) training and co-auditing didn’t prevent the org from booming. In fact it assisted it, as staff morale was kept high by their production on the Bridge itself. It was so simple. DM is a “what wall” case, compulsively alter-ising. What a joke!

Jan  on June 11th, 2013

The new “solution” to Miscarriages insane squirrel MU game is GAT II.

Meet Miscavige’s Gulli-belles  on June 11th, 2013

[...] Well, LA Org’s “becomingness” of Saint Hill sized has been going on for 17 years. [...]

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