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What is the real reason for “No Dianetics on Clears or OTs”?

I have pulled this June 9, 2013, post up for your inspection as there are still many Scientologists, even OTs, who do not seem to know why running Dianetics on a clear can harm them
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I want to acknowledge Kim Baker for raising this question for which I have never seen a simple forthright explanation. She was specifically interested in the core incident which lead to “No Dianetics on Clears and OTs”.

There are various LRH references regarding Dianetics and Clear and some of them are quite contradictory:

“Any OT who has somatics is auditable on Dianetics which he should have had in the first place as he was using Scn grades to get rid of his headache! Or some somatic.” L. Ron Hubbard (from HCOB 24 May 69 “The Difficult Case”)

“BREAKTHROUGH” A research fact which was impeding further progress of Clears, and which applies to OT Grades, has been found by Ron. New Era Dianetics cannot be run on Clears or above without serious consequences to the body particularly when New Era Dianetics is run wrong and upside down. Below that grade New Era Dianetics can be run safely and beneficially. Immediate benefit from this discovery is that ‘New Era Dianetics for OTs’ has been developed for issue and use at AOs and Flag. … D. Mayo Flag Senior C/S Approved by L. RON HUBBARD FOUNDER” (from ‘Source 18’, Nov-Dec 78, page 11)

September 1978 introduced the following new datum: “New Era Dianetics or any Dianetics is NOT to be run on Clears or above or on Dianetic Clears.” (from HCOB 12 Sept 78 “Dianetics Forbidden on Clears and OTs”)

You can read http://tinyurl.com/kz82mqx for an extended discussion of Dianetics on Clears and NED for OT’s (NOT’s) and the state of ‘Clear’ but you will not find the reason that running Dianetics on a Clear is harmful.


The following may contain too much information for some of you so feel free to bail out if it gets too deep. Any reader who has difficulty with the concept of a spiritual being having spiritual companions should probably not continue either.

I have been delivering audited NOTS every week for the past several years and I audited a clear on New Era Dianetics many years ago, so I have great reality on why one should not run Dianetics on someone who is clear.

First of all, those of you who have not run OT levels should reread “Nature of a Being“. Basically, there is you (supposedly the thetan in charge) and then there is the other stuff that accompanies you through life (circuits, entities, etc.).

When you run Dianetics on a low level pc, you audit the thetan in charge (you) and you run out painful incidents and all sorts of other things by going earlier similar until you find the basic incident on the chain and blow it and the underlying postulates.

When you do Hellos and OKs, you are actually getting in communication with entities in various locations in the body and the communication pulls the entity out of the incident it is sitting in. The entity comes to present time and the pc gets relief.

When someone is clear, he still has entities which affect his life on a continuing basis. Many of the entities are benign, which may be a big surprise to you, but many are stuck in past incidents with a great deal of charge in them. These entities get restimulated by your activities and experiences and you feel their pain and experience their sensations and emotions. Once you spot that the pain, sensation, thoughts or emotions are coming from someone else and not from you, they generally as-is.

By the way, there are many people who are not in Scientology who are aware of the entities that surround them and strive to get in communication with them. They call their entities Spirit Guides and Angels, but they are the same living entities that Scientology tries to deal with on the OT levels.

Entities generally blow or go release upon your spotting them because they have just been brought to present time by your attention. It is that simple. There are entities stuck in an incident or an implant and they accompany you through life until they are handled. They can produce pain, emotions, service facsimiles, visual phenomena like hallucinations and much much more until they are handled.

Now, here is the kicker! Entities can be pulled out of an incident very easily once you get in comm with them, but any attempt to go earlier similar as we do in Dianetics will usually activate other entities which have similar incidents!

Thus, you are not getting an earlier similar incident for this entity, you are getting other entities with similar incidents! This will restimulate many more entities than you can handle at one time.

Keep this up as LRH did when he audited himself on Dianetics and you will get sicker and sicker. When you audit an entity, you need to focus your attention on a particular area. When you broadcast a call for an earlier similar incident, you will get lots of responses and if you are careless, you will end up with your entire OT case restimulated.

When I was auditing at Miami Org, I audited a fellow who had graduated many Dianetic auditors. People said he was a Cadillac pc but I noticed something strange about the way he ran Dianetics and I queried the C/S about it. When asked for earlier similar, this pc would pull up lots of incidents and would select the interesting ones to run. I got him to tell me about it and he said he had always been that way. He never got one earlier similar incident, he would always get dozens and would pick and choose the one he would run for his auditor. That is why he was able to graduate so many Dianetic auditors. The C/S told me to stop making trouble for the pc and to keep on auditing him. This was a real overt because this pc had complete control over his mental image pictures. (Unacknowledged clear)

Audited NOTS or SOLO NOTS handles entities. Dianetics will invariably restimulate them if incidents are overrun. For an extended discussion of entities see workabletechnology.com


I have no interest in starting a theological argument when I relate what I have observed in my practice. I only wish to relate the main reason that Dianetics causes bad effects when performed on a clear. I have repaired enough of these situations to state with confidence that going earlier similar when auditing entities can have thoroughly unpleasant results. Any auditing which restimulates more entities than are being handled will cause the pc to become disturbed or disoriented and possibly ill. It can take several days for the restimulation to die down and this can be quite unsettling.

Entities and auditing of them was mentioned in lectures as early as 1952. The only reason they are now considered a sacred subject is that the OT levels were easier to control if the subject was kept a mystery.

If anyone feels it is a cop out to find the source of a problem, so be it. I decided long ago that there are no questions that should not be asked and every answer deserved to be tested and validated.

There is no reason to believe in God or entities or engrams until one of them strikes you down somehow and you have to figure out where the pain is coming from and handle it.

I have met OTs who have no reality on entities and blame their condition on what they have been eating or what their spouses are doing to them.

On the other hand, I have met children who could perceive entities far better than I could when I was on OT 7.

I have also met very able people who know nothing of Scientology or entities and yet are far happier and more prosperous than almost any Scientologist I know.

I would not dream of telling anyone how to handle their case unless they came to me for help when nothing else worked. There are enough of people who are unacknowledged clears that I am able to audit them almost every day if I wish.

Many of the cautionary notes about running Dianetics (even Book One) willy-nilly on people can be found in HCO PL  5 Decenber 1985 R HANDLING OF PAST-LIFE AUDITING (C/S Series 123).

I would suggest that you be quite cautious before running much Dianetics on anyone unless you are certain they are not clear. If you are an auditor and have a solution that works for you, please use it and prosper.

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John Doe  on July 12th, 2014

“A clear who has not gotten to OT 3 is at risk.”

This statement or some version of it was constantly quoted and used by staff at AOLA to get people to pay for and start their OT levels.

But nobody, including LRH, ever spelled it out exactly,at risk for WHAT?

It always seemed a little too vague, a little too self-serving to say this all the time, particularly when one works hard to get to this state called Clear, a supposedly stable state of beingness never before achieved, and then suddenly, you’re at risk now due to having achieved this state?

Everybody that would say this seemed to have this smug, secretive insider knowledge about this, but quite frankly, I never understood exactly what this was supposed to mean.

So David, would you please spell this out for me, or at least what is your understanding of what this is supposed to mean??

OldAuditor  on July 12th, 2014

The short answer is that the clear is at risk from those “who may not be named” i.e. body thetans!
This probably dates from before the upper OT levels were published and OT 3 was where you “got rid of all of your body thetans”.

Of course, as time went on, it became apparent that there were always more body thetans to be handled and LRH published more and more OT levels in the hopes of gaining freedom from body thetans.

The big secret is that one cannot get rid of body thetans or spiritual entities or Spirit Guides as the New Agers call them. There are an infinite number surrounding us and we pick up more each time we go anywhere or talk to anyone. LRH was still trying to get rid of his body thetans in the last weeks of his life, so what do you think the chances of anyone else being able to do so?.

Any process that tries to get rid of them will only antagonize them and you can see this in almost every OT you know. The more auditing they have had, the more troubled their space is because it is filled with badly handled entities. SRT is one of the few technologies that rescues entities (body thetans) from the incidents they are stuck in and it also rehabilitates them so they can be productive again.

John Doe  on July 12th, 2014

Thank you for the answer. I guess my lingering questions about the “at risk” theory are…at risk for what?
That you will loose your hard-won state of Clear? That you will get sick? You will go crazy? Or perhaps that will be satisfied with your case gain and happily run off, never to do any more scientology (or pay any more fees or “donations”) ?

OldAuditor  on July 12th, 2014

If you do not immediately rush out and start paying for your OT levels, you put the org at risk of not being able to pay their rent and utility bills.

It is a deliberate scare tactic. Just one of many. Reading the Internet will make you go blind, reading the sacred OT 3 material will make you sick, mentioning bts in public will get you declared…

The church has a whole arsenal of scares to use on their parishioners. Free loaders debt is another scare reserved for staff.

If you want to drive off church terminals, mention that you have been reading about bts and clusters on the internet and they will vanish at top speed.

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