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Ready! Fire! Aim!

This mockable piece of promo came from the Phoenix Idle Org last week.


What makes it mockable?

You may remember that the “Basics” were originally announced as the set of basic books (practically none of which contain any current Tech) accompanied by a piggybacked set of lectures that purportedly meshed with them.

But in its inimical style Scientology Inc has changed the definition of “Basics” to include the lecture sets from the Advanced Clinical Courses and the not-so-basic Philadelphia Doctorate Course.

The top picture is from someone showing us, apparently with malice aforethought, that the 2nd American Advanced Clinical Course lecture are part of the “Basics”.

And to show that the first picture wasn’t a “mistake”, below is someone showing us that the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lectures are part of the “Basics”.

Why, I remember when the Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture course was only delivered at AOLA and Flag!

Phoenix also sent out several rounds of this promo piece…


One thing that makes this second promo piece extra-super-duper mockable is that the Basics were originally issued as a Division 6 (introductory) action. But this promo piece says they’re a Division 4 (certified auditor training) action. 

Gasp! Could it be there’s so few people on staff in Phoenix that there’s no Div 6 courseroom? (Uh…yes.)

So the mantra “do the Basics” has been extended beyond what it was represented as in 2007. In George Orwell’s 1984 Newspeak style.

What? Scientology Inc and its ever-so-trustworthy COBmeister lying about something in order to make more money?

Say it isn’t so!

It boggles the imagination!

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. Apparently the Basics make one “grounded”. Is Miscavige exporting his Copper Rod technology to Ideal Orgs now?

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