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Letter to any pc considering Independent Auditing

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-choices-image26816313I have mentioned in the past that doing a Doubt Formula will prepare you for getting the most gains from your auditing. I realize now that I need to be more specific because I am talking about your First Dynamic and its relationship to the church and its beliefs and commandments.

The purpose of doing a Doubt formula on the first dynamic is for YOU to get out of doubt on what course of action will aid your survival. Telling the church or indoctrinated family members that you have changed your mind on what is survival will present them with data that they cannot experience and will upset them a great deal.

You just need to acknowledge that you are no longer in agreement with the group and are willing to go your own way. If you just do not communicate about church matters with them or about independent matters with them, they will notice you are going out of comm but they will usually not press the point. You will join the thousands of people who are “under the radar”.

These “under the radar” people do not attend events, they do not respond to reg cycles or invitations because they are “busy” with work or other things of an important nature. When registrars attack, they say they don’t have the money and that is final. A huge portion of the field is in this state and MANY of my preclears are under the radar because they do not want to cause their family grief by mentioning abuses or the obvious lies that Miscavige puts out so frequently.

They do what you should do, stick with good roads and fair weather when it comes to communicating with family that is still on the Kool-Aid.

“You finished the Success Through Communication Course? Congratulations!”
You do not do or say anything that would make less of that accomplishment.

“You are redoing your objectives on the Freewinds? That must be interesting!”

If your family members are active in the church, they are getting pressured to donate far beyond their means and are being criticized for not bringing in new people. Behind their “happy ” faces they are probably pretty uncomfortable at the handling and invalidation they are getting from staff.


Just stay cheerful and say you are glad they are happy with what they are doing.

Belief in Scientology is sorta like belief in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. When someone is a believer, you don’t want to rain on their parade and try to get them to face reality. Believe me, nobody forgets the bastard that tells them there is no Santa Claus or that they are in a cult.  Just let someone else break the news to them.

When your family wakes up, just tell them how happy you are for them and help them through their disconnection period.

Until then, if you have made your mind up to get auditing, you should get with an independent auditor and work out a schedule that will handle the things that are holding you back from a better life.

In the independent field, you have a choice of auditors and of available technologies. Contrary to what you have been taught, there are many ways to achieve the state of clear and OT. You just have to choose the path that makes the most sense to you.

Some auditors are traditionalists and promise to deliver one of the many varieties of “Standard Tech” you get in the church. Others, with more experience, have selected out the technology that actually works and deliver tailored programs that address the PCs concerns instead of the cookie cutter approach favored by the church.

You will get case gain as long as you are able to stay in communication with your auditor and you handle any overts you consider you are committing by not saving your family from Scientology.

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