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Plain Old Thetan has noticed a serious omission in the current Church of Miscavige  auditing lineup. Whether by accident or design, the self-proclaimed COB has managed to eliminate one of the most successful parts of the bridge, the part that would guarantee that the PC gets a good start on his or her auditing.

In the the alternate parallel unverse run by David Miscavige, something that’s gotten lost in the last 25 years is the technology of Life Repair, also called Livingness Repair.

LRH ED 301 Int (17 December 1978) RON’S JOURNAL 30: 1978 – THE YEAR OF LIGHTNING FAST NEW TECH, describes it this way:

3. LIVINGNESS REPAIR. This is often the first auditing action taken on a person by a professional auditor and can bring a great deal of brightness back into his life.

The EP one attests to when finishing Life Repair is found in HCO PL 23 October 1980R II CHART OF ABILITIES GAINED FOR LOWER LEVELS AND EXPANDED LOWER GRADES as

LIFE REPAIR Awareness of truth and the way to personal freedom.

Now, it is true that LRH ED 131 INT LIFE REPAIR BLOCK says that there is no policy that it must be done on all pcs. But in Miscavology, that has been Misunderstood, Serfac’d and Ev Purp’d into “real Life Repair is not done on any pcs.”

In LRH ED 104 Int (2 June 1970) AUDITING SALES AND DELIVERY PGM #1 a path for approaching a case is given:


The “hurry and rush of our modern age” is no excuse for not delivering.

The lower grades contain the solutions to all the basic outnesses that make a humanoid human.

Comm, problems, overts, ARC breaks, service facsimiles.

And before he even gets there, he needs a life repair and his somatics handled.

It may take many sessions just to repair his life, get ARC breaks off about his wife. Much less process him on a grade! That’s what the C/S is for.

Let’s get back to C/Sing for the pc, not the auditor.

Let’s break out our Class VI notes and really begin to apply what we know.

The public is always there. Any enemy action does not change our stats. They are changed inside the org or by higher orders only.

In HCOB 15 June 1970 REPAIR EXAMPLE, LRH suggests:

IX. Two-way comm on life before Scientology. (Note all falls and BDs.) To C/S

X. C/S to pick up items out of IX and Prepcheck each one that still reads when called off (one to be called then run, no assessment).

XI. Two-way comm on rough areas. “When have you had a rough time?” (Note all falls and BDs). To C/S.

XII. C/S to list all F or BD items. Prepcheck each one.

XIII. Two-way comm. “What possessions have you had?” To C/S.

XIV. C/S to list all F and BD items and Prepcheck.

XV. L1B on auditing, and two-way comm. On gains.

XVI. C/S notes what period of his life pc hung up in. Auditor to put in ruds on it.

XVII. Find out what body part or area hurts. Put in ruds on it.

IX to XVII to handle life areas.

Look at how personalized this program is. And look how much auditor and C/S time is involved. A Technical Estimate for this could/would be 20 sessions or about 30-40 hours (three or four intensives).

But also look at how thorough this is.

What I’ve seen coming out of LA Org, or Celebrity Center Int, or Orange County Org in the past 15 years is not Life Repairs, but “Intro Auditing”, wherein a Class IV intern delivers one intensive, usually of 2 processes culled from the Introductory Processes Handbook as a brush-off action done to entice a person to pay the big bucks for “real auditing”.

Disgustingly enough, when one interviews such “Intro Auditing” completions, one finds out they were sold Life Repair, were told they were delivered Life Repair, and attested to Life Repair. But when you ask the person if they felt their life was repaired, their face drops and they say “no”.

The Life Repair Program suggested by LRH is NOT something for a green Class IV auditor. It is, instead, something to be delivered by an experienced Class VI or Grad V auditor.

Not to mention that LRH’s Life Repair Program was put together by a C/S who had a command of all the tech and was willing to employ it.

Class VI and Grad V auditors are in short supply these days. So are Class VI and Grad V C/Ses with a command of all the tech.

How did the technology of Life Repair get lost?

The Golden Age of Dreck.

The product of the Golden Age of Tech is robotic auditors and C/Ses who do not have a command of all the tech. In fact, they flinch when asked to drill or deliver or program something not included in the GAT drills.

They only have a command of the drills they were checksheeted to do. There is no expectation of creativity or imagination. And certainly no expectation of thinking outside of the boxes on the Grade Chart.

Now, there’s one word I would give you of caution in practice. Don’t do a thing unless you have some understanding of it. If you don’t have an understanding of some of the things you are doing, then you certainly had better look it over from all sides. Because to learn something by rote, to learn something just because it is and to deny it your appreciation, by which I mean your ability to understand it, is not to have it at all.

18ACC Lecture 23 July 1957


Compounding the situation, then, is that parishioners who have dropped off auditing lines have done so for REASONS. It’s not always out-ethics, as they’ve been told.

Those reasons include ARC Breaks, brutish reg cycles, missed withholds of nothing, enforced overt haves, enforced overt doingness, enforced overt communications, evaluation, invalidation, auditing over out-rudiments, enforced wrong whys, enforced wrong list items, false data, enforced false data, injustices, false accusations, false condition assignments, incorrect illegal pc status assignments, false removal of Clear or other Grade Chart attainments. To name a few.

These are the people who now need their lives repaired. And the only place they can find that as an honest, personalized service, is in the independent field of practitioners outside the Church of Scientology.

So, if you’ve been roughed up, used, and abused, you should look into getting your Life Repaired by the practitioners outside the citadel walls of the Church of Miscavology.

Once there, relief is within reach.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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grateful  on December 7th, 2010

Absolutely! I had a real Life Repair, my husband had a real Life Repair, and we both were blown out – he exterior with perception! When we tried to get this for our kids, it was impossible. I was referred to a “bulletin” by Miscaviage where he talked about “arbitraries” on the Bridge with people being on Life Repairs for 12 intensives. It encouraged a very short “intro” and then onto the Grade Chart. No amount of communication was able to get us what we wanted and I was, in fact, chitted with a Tech and Qual ethics chit for politely communicating.

Watchful Navigator  on December 7th, 2010

Awesome article, Plain Old Thetan, awesome!

As a staffmember I would have really liked to have had a “Life Repair”. Bits and pieces were handled on the “get-what-you-can-get-when-you-can-get-it” line-up, but “Life” never really has ever been “repaired”. (No wonder staff quietly dream of leaving and “making money” and “getting rich like our upstat public” and “getting their L’s”… Getting their own cases handled has been made impossible by an arrogant, abusive attitude towards staff, encouraged from the top down.)

I really didn’t know what a real “Life Repair” consisted of until you wrote this article. I will make sure that my pcs get it from here on out. In fact, I would like one myself someday.

As a Div 6 and HCO staff I well remember the frown of a Flag tour staff when we brought up the subject one day. “We can’t call it that anymore,” said another one of the Flag staff/Flag FSM team. “Why not?” was the shocked reply. “I guess because too many public think that it will really ‘repair their lives’ and have asked refunds, being promised too much.”

(I wish I had been in PT enough at that moment to get the real meaning of that suppressive-reasonable statement: “We can’t do what LRH says anymore because someone, somewhere couldn’t/wouldn’t make it work…” – !!!)

That really was the gist of it! That was back in the early 90′s so you can see that someone above Flag-level (hmm – I wonder who?) knocked it out long ago.

Finally, we have the sad picture in at least 3 Orgs I have been in, of Div 6 auditing being completely neglected in favor of “major services” (major bucks!$!) pcs. When they paid for Intro Auditing, instead of a “Life Repair” they got a brush-off intensive with a couple of Intro processes. Just like POT states above.

But despite having tons of staff eager for auditor training (if they could only get through the over-long runway for their hatting). Despite having announced the “Golden Age of Tech” would make “perfect auditors anywhere”, the demand on the Orgs has nevertheless more and more been, to “send your staff – now,now,now!!! – to Flag for training on…”

Usually, it’s a young, inexperienced (with a desperately fudged production record, made up right there in HCO) who “has no other dynamics” and can/will put up with the smelly, crowded conditions there and get through the boot-camp-style (force-based) robot training.

Then we have a cocky, robotic as-whole in David Miscavige’s valence come back who won’t audit anyone he doesn’t feel like or isn’t yelled at to do, because he is now in an enforced doingness to repay the Org for his training – and he certainly isn’t available for auditing staff.

What staff co-audit???

Staff, with their pay ripped off by the special DM-engineered FBO system, never get their lives repaired either. More like “destroyed”. Maybe that’s why they have to recruit “OTVIIIs” to run them.

Friends, our “church” needs a “Life Repair”.

Timely, relevant article. I appreciate it.

routeplanner  on December 9th, 2010

You write some great posts, please continue!

Anna  on December 10th, 2010

I had the original Life Repair in the late 70s. It was programmed by a Class 8 auditor and it was awesome, life changing, wonderful and it zeroed in on every point of my life at that time that was affecting me adversely. I can still recall the tremendous resurgence. They also did a CS 1 as part of the entire line-up, clearing up all of the key words of Scientology.

Over the years I tried to send new people in, expecting that they would get a life repair as their first action. NOT ONE. Not even close. Just endless regging and constant harping on the person to go to events, donate to the IAS. It wasn’t too bad at first, at least they got to do a comm course but even that disappeared. The last person I sent in a few years ago was completely blown off the lines with non-stop phone calls to go to events and utterly ridiculous recruitment and pushes for donations for buildings and IAS. She never even got to do a basic course before all this started.

I now tell people to stay away from the Church or if they insist on going in, don’t give the Church their phone number or address.

Can GAT II have shorter Grades and still give preclears full benefits?  on October 29th, 2013

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