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Some Confront Required :(

I am getting more emails every week from people in the cult who are becoming aware that things are not going well. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that their letters read like too many conversations with new Scientologists who are in suppressive situations and want help. I see comments like, “I need advice on how I can manage it so my desire to leave the church won’t affect my marriage and my income”

Essentially, these people have begun to sense the evil behind the facade, but they have not made the connection that their willingness to compromise their integrity is keeping them hostage to a system that has only one purpose, to extract every dollar they have and to make them borrow more to satisfy the inexhaustible demands of a criminal organization.

They are in the final stages of assimilation by a powerful cult and they hope to get help in negotiating with it. The way out is not through negotiation. If you are one of these people or know someone who is, here is the short and honest solution:

There is no negotiation with the Church of Miscavige if they have the slightest hold on you through your family ties, your misplaced loyalties, or your hopes for spiritual enlightenment through the magic of the once famous OT levels.

As a Church of Miscavige member, you have been cleverly led into an ever deeper series of agreements which resulted in you giving up your capability for independent thought and action. Now your life is totally circumscribed by what the cult allows you to see, read and discuss. Any deviation from approved thought and action will bring severe criticism and threats down on you. You will be compelled to make amends by donating money and undergoing non-standard Security Checks in which all of your statements will be made public if you attempt to defect.

If this sounds like George Orwell’s 1984, it’s not a coincidence as David Miscavige has constructed a Brave New World in which all of Orwell’s worst fears are being realized daily. What goes on at the Int Base would turn your stomach unless you are into brutality, imprisonment, beatings, sexual abuse, making people grovel and attack each other like animals in cages. If you are not already aware of this, you have not been paying attention. The arrogant and ignorant behavior you see from your local Sea Org staff is only a faint echo of the insanity that prevails where the public does not see it.

In our mission, we used to tell those members of the public that came to us for help, “If you are connected to a suppressive influence, you need to handle or disconnect. There is no middle way. Until you handle the suppression in your life, you are PTS and will not get stable case gains.”

The major source of suppression today now comes from the actions of the church of Miscavige. In short, all of the money you are spending to get up the GAT Bridge is being wasted.

You can be declared not clear at a moments notice. You can be ordered to redo your Objectives in violation of LRH policies to the contrary. Every moment you remain in the clutches of the church of Miscavige, your status depends on what David Miscavige decides you are. If you are familiar with the story of Jim Jones and his church, you may just begin to see the parallels between him and David Miscavige.

So, where does this leave the person asking how he or she can be helped without affecting their family relationships or their customer relationships? If your customers had the plague, you might still care for them but you would remove yourself from the possibility of infection. If your family chooses to follow the Jim Jones path to spiritual enlightenment through Kool-Aid, do you really need to drink the Kool-Aid too?

Save those who will listen to you, but save yourself if they won’t.

If you compromise your integrity, you will not make it out at all. You will have to make some hard decisions, but if you act for the benefit of the greatest number of dynamics, not people, you will probably make it out OK and will be there to help others as they cognite on the severity of their situation.

One last warning, you have not seen the worst yet. As the cut continues to implode, the demands on the faithful will increase. You will be blamed for the eventual debacle and if they have indoctrinated you properly, you will accept the abuse as though you deserved it.

Outside the church, the sun is shining and people are going clear and OT every day.

You could be among those who are enjoying the benefits of standard tech delivered with ARC and compassion for the preclear. Your choice.

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Marta  on December 11th, 2010

Brilliant, David. Shot straight from the hip and heart. Nothing like a good, clean splash of cold water to help wake up.

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