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Hi Dave,

I hardly know where to begin on describing what has occurred in my latest auditing! I will attempt to put it into human words:


The feeling that I have always had that I could not have success in life is lifting. I am truly moving into my own valance. My admiration for life is at an all time high. I have this feeling of expansiveness that I have not felt in a long, long time. I am once again becoming indestructible and invincible. I can more and more be the person who I really am. All that LRH has said about the value of auditing is really coming true. I never experienced this in the Cof$. This is so spiritual that I do not have a datum of comparable magnitude to compare it with.

I had a very interesting realization, that we are really composite beings. You are you, plus your entities. You are the master of your harem. You can be the effect of your entities or you can be cause, and grant them the beingness they deserve and acknowledge them. I like the cause viewpoint. It is much more fun. Not only for you but for them.

You have no idea how much affinity was flowed back to me from my entities from my last session. It was like a gush of water from a river. My space got cleaned up and the guys living with me were so happy to be in such a clean space and also the relief that they experienced from the incident was just absolutely overwhelming to me. It actually brought tears of joy. That is what they flowed at me, simple joy and relief!

The way auditing is handled in the independent field is so different than in the Cof$. The robotics are gone. The auditor is really just in comm with the pc and the session just flows naturally. You get handled what you want handled. I can recall so many times that auditing was on the order of a “slug-fest” between me and my auditor. Especially on rudiments and trying to find an earlier similar item. I was really trying to handle the PTP but getting the earlier similar did not handle the current PTP. And the auditor never really did get into communication with me. By then we wasted half an hour or more and had very little actual auditing done by the end of session.

The key to successful auditing is TR’s and metering. I rank TR’s way above metering. In the independent field, the auditors TR’s are impeccable. They are not controlled by the church. So the auditor can actually audit you and not they way they are told to audit. Getting audited in this way, you are able to really wear your pc hat and fully keep your integrity fully in and get the most gains possible. Auditing out here in the wild is really and truly; auditor and pc overwhelming the bank.

For any of you guys that are newly out and have a bad taste in your mouth from auditing inside the church, I highly recommend getting in touch with an independent auditor. There are so many options available to you. You can find the one that meshes with you. You will absolutely love the difference. Any charge that you left with will be very quickly addressed and handled. But actually for me, I never had to even directly address any charge I left with. What happened was that I went in session and getting audited the way that it was intended, simply blew any charge, as I was able to spot the outpoints in my previous “in church” auditing.

After a session or two from your local independent auditor, you will be such cause over your BPC and have so many wins that the petty ARC Break that you experienced inside the Cof$ will be so insignificant that you will want to move forward and not look back at all. Complete as-isness just by getting handled what you really wanted handled in the first place. It really is kinda magical.

My suggestion is that anyone who is not happy with the subject of auditing and thinks the whole thing was a crock, please get in touch with an independent auditor! You have no idea what you are missing. You must first realize that you have been receiving squirrel tech inside the church. It was mean to spin you in and make you dependent upon them. It is not the tech that is bad, it was the application. Also realize that it did not happen that way by accident. It was done with malice aforethought! It was malicious, with the intent to harm.

Get over it and move on. Or get it handled and move on. There is so much freedom waiting for you. Life is so much more fun and interesting without carrying along all that extra baggage from the past. Just consider the CofS an implant station and you just somehow escaped.

Now you want the real stuff. Go get some!


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Rine  on July 2nd, 2013

Who wouldnt want some of this??!!!!
Sounds wonderful!! And yes I can do that, just imagine the CoS as an implant station I managed to get away from!

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