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“Why are the windows on our bus blacked out?”

Some Confront Required :(

I got a call last night from one of the people who is still riding on the Church of Miscavige bus.

He is increasingly uncertain of the bus driver’s intentions, but he feels, quite correctly, that he cannot ask too many questions at the org without jeopardizing his wife’s ability to complete her current OT level that she has been on for many years.

He asked me several questions that really stuck in my mind and I can only relieve my responsibility to him and others by addressing them in as much detail as I can.

1. He said, “How can I be sure that all of these stories are true? I read horrifying accounts by people I know, but if things are that bad, why isn’t somebody doing something about it?”

I asked him a question in return, “Have you taken the time to drive out to the Int Base and see the razor wire?”

“Oh yes! They had the spotlights on so they could take pictures of my license plate so I didn’t want to slow down. We just kept on going.”

I said that we on the outside were attempting to reach those still inside and give them facts that they could assimilate and use and there was an unwillingness to accept any communication from non-church sources.

I said the mere fact that he did not feel free to ask questions of those in charge was the best possible indicator that something was dreadfully wrong with the church.

2. He made an interesting comment that our use of words like “locked up in the hole for five years” when referring to Heber Jentszch would be a turn off for people still in the church. He suggested interest-provoking questions like: Have you heard from Heber lately?”

It is worth paying attention to this comment as we are trying to communicate to people who dare not listen to anything that sounds or reads like entheta. Maybe we should post headlines like, “How long is Heber going to be uplines?” and use this line in every email we send to a church terminal.

Using the same logic, we should ask every week, “How many years does it take to attest to OTVII?” knowing that under LRH, this was a two year cycle at the very worst. It now takes up to 18 years at last report.

3. He asked why I and others were not sending emails to all of the people we knew in the church.

I replied that my weblog pages have been read more than 60,000 times and the readers could come there on their own volition. (This would also not leave incriminating emails on their computers. Incidentally, this person has requested that I don’t send email to his regular email account for the same reason.)

4. He asked about Marty Rathbun’s site, which he reads,and why wasn’t Marty doing more to inform people in the church about what was going on. He did mention with some wonderment, that he knew many of the commenters personally.

I did not feel that it was necessary to mention that Marty’s site has had millions of visitors. If someone cannot get the idea that something is truly wrong in the church after reading the comments after every post, they are not willing to look.

I did mention that Marty is acting as a lightning rod for the bulk of church insanity and through his actions is allowing the rest of us independents to get on with our lives with a minimum of interference from the CofM.

5. One of his final questions was how, if he could see so many outpoints in the current church scene, why was this not visible to his friends and family.

I think the answer is quite simple: He has begun to notice that the windows of the Church of Miscavige bus are blacked out. The others have been told not to look at the windows and are dutifully looking at the bus driver for instructions.

Pity. The sun is shining out here and people are going free every day.

And from out here we can see where that bus is heading. The sign over the gate reads “Arbeit Macht Frei”

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plainoldthetan  on December 12th, 2010

Okay, I had to look it up in Wikipedia:

“Arbeit macht frei” literally “work makes free”) is a German phrase that can be translated as “work will make you free,” “work liberates” or “work makes one free”. The slogan is well-known for being placed at the entrances to a number of Nazi concentration camps, including most famously Auschwitz I, where it was made by prisoners with metalwork skills and erected by order of the Nazis in June 1940.

The expression comes from the title of an 1873 novel by German philologist Lorenz Diefenbach, in which gamblers and fraudsters find the path to virtue through labour.The phrase was also used, in French ["le travail rend libre!"] by Auguste Forel a Swiss myrmecologist, neuroanatomist and psychiatrist, in the 1920, 2nd Edition, of his “Fourmis de la Suisse”. In 1922, the Deutsche Schulverein of Vienna, an ethnic nationalist “protective” organization of Germans within the Austrian empire, printed membership stamps with the phrase Arbeit macht frei. The phrase was adopted in 1928 by the Weimar government as a slogan extolling the effects of their desired policy of large-scale public works programmes to end unemployment. It was continued in this usage by the NSDAP (Nazi Party) when it came to power in 1933.

OldAuditor  on December 13th, 2010

When one looks at the images of the razor wire at the Int Base in Hemet, CA, the resemblance strikes home.

The slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” of the Nazi Party was as ironically twisted as “Clearing the Planet” is for the current Church of Scientology. Both are euphemisms for instituting total control over the minds and bodies of their subjects.

Centurion  on December 13th, 2010

Well said.

In reference to the length of time for OTVII… A friend of mine on VII was on it for 15 years, and was about to go nuts. He hated it. I asked him…are you going to do VIII when done? He laughed. Told me that he quit the level once. Got back on due to threats from ethics. Still to this day I dont see him as a comp. We are out of touch now, but if is still on it, he will now have been on it for over twenty years.

What a cash cow. I always thought it was odd that so many VIII’s were made to “go back on VII”. I $ee the reason now.

I cannot see how they are going to get anyone onto IX and X, if it were ever released. They will all be on VII.

What an overwhelming lump of crap I was heading for. I am so glad I woke up and started to see what I was heading for.

Thanks to David and all…


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