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Miscavige force-feeding pcs cogs to get them through unnecessary Bridge actions faster?

I know. You read the title of this post and had to do a double-take. You read it right. Miscavige’s “solutions” to his “solutions” are getting so circular that he’s making up new tech to solve the problems caused by his destruction of LRH’s tech.

mothermayi_You’ve no doubt seen my reports (1) (2) (3) that re-doing Purification Rundowns and Objectives is just lazy tech; Miscavige has introduced an arbitrary from the Basic books that became totally unnecessary tech once LRH codified what an EP was, documented what the EPs of Objectives were in HCOBs, and once meters could be used to verify EPs.

An Australian C/S reported on the confusion and unnecessary pc troubles generated by the nonsense of having to re-do Objectives here.

One thing the Australian C/S reported was that the pcs “adjudicated” to need Objectives re-dos (i.e. everyone) were being given lengthy study assignments from the ACCs and other lectures.

I received this same story from my sources, with the additional information that “the Flag D  of P said we’ll get the EPs faster if we study the ACCs”.

It is longstanding tech that no feeding a pc cognitions is permitted.

The easiest references on this to understand are HCOB 19 DECEMBER 1980R REHAB TECH: CHECKING FOR EPs If one wants to check if the pc has reached the EP of a process or if one suspects that the EP may have been reached out of session, one can check “Did anything occur?” per HCOB 5 Dec 71 END PHENOMENAS and if the EP has been reached it can be rehabbed using the Rehab ’65 Style. One would never ask leading questions or feed the EP to the pc in such situations. Simply check if anything occurred.

In HCOB 5 December 1971 END PHENOMENAS LRH says Feeding the pc the End Phenomena of a process or action is illegal and very out-tech.

The admonition is repeated in HCOB 25 June 1970RC Issue II GLOSSARY OF C/S TERMS, and HCOB 19 June 1971 Issue II DECLARES.

Anyway, here’s the Flag-supplied “study assignments” for Objectives, Ls, and NED.

Since the tech for these actions are contained in HCOBs, I have to ask, why is studying so many ACCs necessary in order to do the actions?

Is it because you’ll understand the actions better?

Or is it because nobody bought the uberexpensive ACCs for no real reason?

Which option gets Miscavige more income?

Which option sends the pc the furthest backward on his trip up the Bridge?


Do you know what having everyone re-do Objectives and Purification Rundowns is supposed to solve?

It’s reportedly supposed to solve the problem that pcs aren’t moving up the Grade Chart fast enough to OT VIII.

Could that be accomplished by force-feeding the pcs the EPs?

Or it could be accomplished by stripping the processes out of the grades so they can be finished in 6 intensives?

Or it could be accomplished by finding the sources of suppression inside the church and eliminating them?

Or it could be accomplished by lowering the price of an intensive to a point where a person could go up the bridge with his job delivering UPS packages or working at Kinkos?

Golly gee, I wonder what approach or approaches David Miscavige will take?

The reality of course is that Basics, ACCs, re-doing Grades, NED, Objectives, and Purifs solves the problem of “not enough people getting drained of money”.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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