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Why you should not attempt to run OT III

Xenu_space_plane1AOne of the first things you learn in auditing is that the pc needs to run his own incidents, not incidents dreamed up by the auditor or Case Supervisor.

One of the next things you learn as an auditor and as a pc is that you do not attempt to run uncharged incidents. Doing so can upset the pc and can make the pc sick.

Another thing you learn fairly early is that you do not attempt to jump from one incident to another while the previous incident is unflat.

All three of these basics are violated when running OT III as per “standard tech” instructions.

Let me say before I continue that I ran OT III in 1978 following the exact procedures laid down by Ron Hubbard in the confidential materials. I had wins but I observed phenomena that indicated that vital data was missing from our course packs. Later, when I was called on to repair OT III cases at Miami and AOLA, it was even more evident that people on OT III were not being set up properly and many seemed to scrape through with more trouble than seemed necessary. While I was on OT III in Los Angeles, I encountered several people on OT III who were in very bad case shape such that they were constantly being restimulated by going in public places. These people were finally handled by the time they did Ned for OTs (NOTs).


OT III is supposed to handle the effects of “Incident 2″ which is supposed to have happened to “everyone” some 75 million years ago. There are several lies in this statement.

The first big lie is that this is the BIG INCIDENT we all experienced.

In fact, similar incidents are scattered all down the time track and they happened in different places and on different planets and universes. My PCs running OT processes encounter entities who have run this incident and it is handled like any other major engram.

You soon discover that we who are doing the auditing did not experience this incident. Ron later says that “we” should not attempt to run out our own Incident 2 but never explains why except to infer that we were Loyal Officers, etc.

You will discover in your OT auditing that anyone who suffered an incident of this magnitude has rarely been able to pick up a body since then. Most were reduced to entities and clusters of entities without bodies. These are what LRH describes as body thetans.

The second big lie is that this “Incident 2″ and all of its implant sequence and personnel like the “Pilot” and the people dropping frozen bodies into the volcanoes comes from Ron Hubbard’s own case. I am not saying that you can’t mock up an incident and run it if you care to, but you will only get real relief if you handle your own incidents and the incidents affecting your entities.

NOTs was originally conceived as a repair action for OT III errors and for those who ran Dianetics after achieving clear. It handles the charge that entities have picked up and can restore them to present time where they can be of use. Based on Hubbard’s aversion to entities, the OT levels in the church have become a means of ridding yourself of these beings by any means necessary. This is a non-optimum solution.

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Rine  on July 5th, 2013

Why do you think Hubbard had this aversion towards entities?
Id like to know your view on that.
I found this post so enlightening. Its an education as a preclear.


PlainOldThetan  on July 7th, 2013

Well, I waited a whole day for David to respond to this, but as he hasn’t yet, I’ll toss my two cents in:

Despite the deity-like aspect afforded Hubbard by many, the man had his faults. Among them were his application of the despised A=A=A=A thinking to many aspects of existence.

I believe that LRH’s first encounters with entities were with malevolent entities, which required “purging”. (Ever see the Exorcist?)

Those early encounters colored his thinking about entities.

Ever run into a woman whose first “real” relationship with a man was with a womanizing, wife-beating, drunken, abortion-inducing bastard?

It’s hard for her to believe that a man can exist in this world who doesn’t possess those qualities.

And despite LRH’s philosophical bents, as expressed in his writings and lectures, he didn’t take the key lesson of the First Saint Hill ACC to heart when dealing with entities: (p.95 xscript) “So one would say that the most fundamental reason for being is to help.” (p.135 xscript) “A person’s actions are motivated by his feelings about help.”

If, for example, the 20th century leader of Germany can arrange for or support the extermination of 5.9 million Jews, we can look at it now and say “that’s freakin’ nuts”. But we can look a little deeper and ask “what was he trying to help?”

Yes, the extermination of 5.9 million Jews was an aberrated solution. It might help us understand it to know what ol’ Adolf was trying to help.

In LRH’s case, the A=A=A=A computation is in play when he propounds that “all psychiatrists are motivated by whole track evil purposes and a desire to destroy beings”.

That line of exposition leads Scientologists to never, ever, ever try to talk to a psychiatrist with duplication and understanding.

Yet when I’ve spoken to psychiatrists, I mostly find that they’re motivated by HELP. But they’re in a CULT that says that man is meat and must be drugged to save himself and make the world safe for others.

Without knowing what they’re trying to help, and sitting on the datum that they’re uncaring ignorant cruel schmucks, the avenue by which they can be helped is totally cut off.

So it is with entities.

If you assume they’re evil adversaries and that you have to treat them adversarially, you close off a big chunk of avenues to help them.

I believe that Marty Rathbun covers the origin of the “treat all entities as evil” mindset in his latest book, Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior.

David St Lawrence aka oldauditor  on July 7th, 2013

PlainOldThetan has provided a better answer to Rine’s question than I could.

I had observed LRH’s aversion to entities for myself in his lectures and writings.

I am still trying to locate a report of his last words in which he was raving about entities and the fact that there were more of them than anyone realized. He was on Vistaril®, a psychiatric tranquilizer at the time.

Judging by his photo and his behavior, he was not a man who was at peace with his entities.

Rine  on July 8th, 2013

That makes sense to me; I guess It would be pretty traumatizing to suddenly contact an evil one with no intent on doing so. But maybe thats the risk he took while searching for a bridge, he had to pay a price, and he did.

Thank you Plain Old Thetan

PlainOldThetan  on July 9th, 2013

LRH suffered many traumatic things while researching the Bridge. You many have heard about the problems he ran into on OT III in the lecture RJ 67. In the SHSBC lectures he detailed what can happen when you run a GPM wrong-way-to (earlier-similar). You have to run a GPM earliest-to-latest to keep the charge from overwhelming the pc, for example. That’s one of the interesting things about the SHSBC lectures. There’s more than one subset of lectures where he describes some set of Routine3 procedures, claiming it’s all buttoned up. Then he comes in the next week and says “forget what I told you last week, that was all wrong”, and proceeds to launch into Routine 3 XYZ-MSH…the latest revision on Routine 3.

Listening to the whole set of SHSBC lectures in chronological order is what taught me that LRH was not infallible.

Why running OT III or NOTs can be harmful to your health and sanity  on August 17th, 2013

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Live Zombie  on November 23rd, 2013


So what is your take on Alan Walters “spiritual teammates” ?(bts)

It didn’t work for me as organizationally in your mind, it was too much to keep track of and still go to work.

OldAuditor  on November 23rd, 2013

Dear LZ,

Alan Walter’s designation is workable but I find that spiritual entities are not ready to become teammates until you have pulled them out of the incidents they are stuck in. Furthermore, not all entities have a desire to stick around as your companions once you get them unstuck from the incident that reduced them to their present level.

If you study the vast amount of “spirit guide” material on the Internet, you will see that people have been communicating with spiritual beings for many years and even have written books on getting the names of your spirit guides and so forth.

If you read http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=9 , you will get an idea that people in the real world have been merrily communicating with spirits of all kinds for many years while Scientologists were forbidden to discuss them with anyone. In the real world, spiritual beings can be contacted easily at no cost. In Scientology, you can learn about your body thetans (spiritual beings) only after paying many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In spiritual rescue technology, we try to make communicating with spiritual beings as simple as possible and it is free if you learn to use the material on a solo basis. If someone is really interested in pursuing this, I give them a free introductory session to get them started.

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