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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology


http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-many-spirits-image11690525Just suppose there was a way for those of you who are clear to regain OT abilities by simply reading, drilling and then auditing your entities using material written for a do-it-yourself solo auditor?

It exists now and has been field tested on actual pcs with predictable results. It can be delivered by an OT auditor or the pre-OT can do it solo with assistance from his C/S.

It uses a different approach that I am calling Independent Style OT Auditing


For example, there are tens of thousands of non-scientologists who have worked out ways to communicate effectively with their spirit guides. There are many books written on how to talk to your personal angels and how to recognize your spirit guides. There are entire organizations working to raise awareness of the importance of working with our spiritual partners. Google “spirit guides”, “angels”, “spiritual teammates” and you will find more accurate information about entities than most Scientologists could imagine.

The weak spot in much of this spirit guide literature is that the major attention is on the helpful entities who are willing to communicate and help people. Handlings for angry or demonic spirits are focused on driving them away, much like the CofS OT levels. The Vatican has had a department of Exorcism for thousands of years. Exorcists and CofS OT levels are trying to drive “evil” entities away.

There is now a better way to become cause over entities.


Only recently in the Independent field have auditors begun to realize that most entities want to help and that it is quite possible to unstick entities from the engrams that bedevil them and bring them to present time where they can provide real assistance to you in everyday life.

The optimum approach seems to involve using the workable parts of NOTs auditing along with the enlightened attitudes of modern day spiritualism. It bypasses the need to run the OT III materials and any of the arbitrary incidents employed to sell the CofS OT levels.

If you realize that the church OT levels are merely a series of marketing releases targeted at handling entities of different character and awareness, you will understand the simplicity and power of processes that detect and handle entities of all tone levels.

We call this Independent Style OT Auditing for the moment. It can be started as soon as a clear becomes aware that there are other spiritual beings who share their space.


The person wishing to take advantage of this technology needs to be in fairly good case shape as this Independent Style OT auditing does not replace the need for the processes of the lower bridge.

The lower bridge helps the being boost his own horsepower so he is less likely to be overwhelmed by entities.

A thoroughly run set of Objectives, a Scn drug rundown, communication, problems, o/w, arc break, and service facs, should help ease the transition to OT auditing.

A person wishing to regain his OT abilities should also get whatever Dianetics processes he feels are necessary to get his case in shape to audit entities.

Failure to get one’s own case in shape will make OT auditing difficult and may result in heavy restimulation and possible illness.

I have seen some real problems occurring with high level church OTs because they did not get their cases in shape or false attested to completion of necessary lower Bridge actions.

If some people out in the field just pick up some cans and start casting about for entities without getting their communication, problems, o/ws and arc break addressed first, they will not get any benefit from this powerful new material.



If a person is already able to detect and communicate with entities, attesting to the state of Clear becomes a formality. The real purpose of attaining the state of Clear is to prepare the person to run the OT levels.

If the person off the street wants to run entities and is able to do so comfortably, he may be ready to be a pre-OT. He still may need a Life Repair action to prepare him for running the Independent Style OT Auditing, but this has usually been a short action of less than 10 hours.

The old OT Levels were drills to increase an OT’s ability in various ways. I feel they should be revived and used once a pre-OT has handle the majority of entities that are holding him back. The old OT levels will be covered in a later article.


You can find TIPS ON AUDITING ENTITIES on the workabletechnology.com site. It was written initially for my pre-OTs who had already audited entities in session with me and wished to develop their skills so they can consistently audit entities successfully on their own.

I want to open up the top end of the Bridge by making this available to all clears and have added material to clarify the actions so more pcs and auditors can take advantage of it.

Consider these TIPS as a first step in the development of a complete Do-It-Yourself guide to approaching the state of cause over entities through Independent Style OT Auditing.

There will be many more issues until the guide has been expanded to cover all of the topics that are important to the OT Auditor and the pre-OT solo auditor.



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elizabeth hamre  on July 13th, 2013

David…. the above post of yours is wonderful… We as beings live in co-existence with other spirits who do not have a body: not use one as an anchor.

I have reality of co-existence and that knowledge come from solo auditing not only the self but giving sessions and through these sessions getting to know the Spiritual Universe.

It is a magical Universe and not as scary/evil as we were made to believe…

I am thrilled reading your post.

PS: Since started to audit solo in 76, I never met a being who has not responded in sessions or who caused harm/illness for my self and I had audited aan unmentionable number of beings. (Humans are more harmful to humans)

I consider them wonderful and to be able to help them in sessions was a height light of me being a solo auditor.

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